Same, same but different with Andy McLean

Same same, but different with Andy McLean

One of the things a lot of you requested from our recent Listener Survey (thank you to everyone who took it, by the way – we appreciate it so much!) was that Ben take the reigns and host more poggies featuring conversations with other men. 

The good news is, you’ve spoken and we’ve listened! 

Following his chat with Dr Arne Rubinstein earlier in the year, this week Ben sits down to have a chat with freelance content creator, ocean swimmer, meditator, Dad, Shakespearian tragic and business magazine publisher Andy McLean. 

Ben has known Andy for eight years first as a co-worker and have since become great friends. In this pogpast they talk about the similar trajectories their lives have taken over the best part of a decade with Andy too taking the leap and starting his own business this year. 

Andy and Ben also talk about the themes of mentoring, balance, mindfulness, feminism and the importance of passion projects as well as their love of pogpasts (Ben and Andy were trailblazers having recorded their first podcast together close to seven years ago).

It’s not often men get to talk about such themes in such a public way and hopefully you will get a lot from the discussion – I know I did! 



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