Plastics: Tackling the packaging

Plastics: Tackling the packaging - Episode 176 of The Slow Home Podcast

We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing ways to reduce our plastics consumption, including doing away with single use plastics, talking to providers about non-plastic options (getting awkward with that butcher, yo!) and taking three for the sea every time we’re out in nature. This week we round out this mini-series by encouraging you to re-think your purchases based on packaging and sharing some of the swaps we’ve made over the past couple of years.

Sometimes all it takes is a little more attention at the supermarket as there is often a similar product in non-plastic packaging (milk, flours, pasta, sauces) and while there are endless opportunities to make your own, sometimes the supermarket is the best option. So the premise of today’s poggie is very simple: buy the alternatives and avoid the plastic where possible.

We also encourage you to be vocal about the changes to your purchasing, letting brands know why you’re no longer supporting them and what it would take for you to come back. Companies do pay attention to feedback from their customers – particularly if those customers begin to take their custom elsewhere – and it’s by engaging in these conversations that we’re going to see change not only at the grassroots level but also from the top levels of organisations.

Hopefully this series has been inspiring to you, I know we’ve made more changes over the past couple of months as a result, and please let us know in the comments below (or over on Facebook or Instagram if that’s your jam) what changes you’ve made this month.



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2 Responses to Plastics: Tackling the packaging

  1. I recently bought some beeswax wraps mainly for wrapping our cheese. I am finding though that the cheese is really drying out, to the point that it’s only suitable for grating. This isn’t going over well with the family. I was wondering if you could share which brand you have found best for cheese and how long do you have your cheese wrapped for?

    • Hi Kate, I live in the UK and have been writing about Simple Living in a small terraced house. hope you don’t mind me replying here! I have been using Pyrex containers for cheese, meats, fish, vegetables etc for years. I find that food doesn’t dry out in these.

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