The Check Up

Simon Matzinger

It’s been a couple of months since we announced our plans to head off in to the wild and spend 2018 travelling, and quite a lot has happened since then. So we decided (somewhat foolishly, perhaps) to sit down, hit record, and just… talk. No notes. No plans. No idea.

I think honesty and vulnerability are important, but this episode? I’m not going to lie. It makes me nervous. I don’t know if you remember the historic and completely accidental release of the unedited poggie back in April 2016 (I still can’t figure out to laugh or cringe when I think about that) but this is like that, only we’re doing it on purpose.

Despite my misgivings though, I really do want to put this episode out in to the world because I think, in an attempt to be succinct and helpful, we sometimes present ourselves and the decisions we’ve made with a clarity that isn’t real. Or at least, it isn’t the whole picture. We sound like we know what we’re doing more often than not, when the reality is that we don’t. As we continue to make changes and grow and evolve, we struggle and stumble and question ourselves, and I think that’s normal. I welcome it.

We start out a little slow, given that both Ben and I were heartily jet-lagged at the time, but begin by chatting about the book and the vulnerability hangover I have at the moment, knowing people are reading the book and learning things about me that I’ve only previously ever thought about in the privacy of my own head. I’ve also started to receive some beautiful feedback (which means the world to me) and some not-so-beautiful feedback (which feels less horrible than I expected) so we talk about that a little too.

We also talk about the logistics of the upcoming 2018 adventure and the very handy way we’ve continued to procrastinate rather than tackle anything on our massive to-do list. (Although to be fair, we’ve since done a lot in preparation for the trip – bring admin things, house repairs, researching the rental market etc. And when I say we, I mean Ben. He’s the captain of that particular ship and for that I am very glad!)

The past few months have been massively busy for us as we went through the process of closing down our podcast network, Jackrabbit.FM, and we talk about the stress and worries that came along with that process, as well as the importance of boundaries now as we shift in to a new period of work and life.

It’s not a bad conversation – in fact, Ben actually told me after listening back to it that he really enjoyed it the second time around, but he also mentioned that this is the loosest we’ve been in a long time. I guess I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not that’s a good thing…

Please tell us though – do you like these more off the cuff style episodes occasionally? Would you like more of them? Or less? Let us know!


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