How to deal with relationship clutter – SHP020

How to deal with relationship clutter - SHP020


First Thursday of the month means it’s time for another hostful episode!

This week we’re taking some more listener questions and trying our best to answer them, and I also talk a little about my decision to stop blogging.

When we recorded this episode I was only a week into my decision to step away from the blog, so it all felt very new and uncertain.

Now, a few weeks later, I can easily say that it’s been such a positive change for me and my family. My mental and physical health has improved and I’m back to regular mindfulness practices. What’s more, I feel lighter. I’m happier. More prone to dancing in the kitchen, making (and laughing at) stupid jokes and gardening with the kids. It’s all good.

Actually, it shocked me to realise just how much those things had slipped in the months leading up to my decision to stop blogging. It was such a gradual shift that I didn’t recognise the changes until I took a break.

I plan on recording an episode of the podcast about the process and the changes I’ve experienced so I won’t spend any more time digging in to it now.

Instead, here’s a look at the questions Ben and I try and answer today:

  • How do you deal with friend or relationship clutter?
  • Is there room in the life of a working mum to pursue slow living? Or is it solely the domain of the single-income family?

Usually I’m excited to share these conversations, but that second question really had me talking in circles. And while I did my best to articulate my thoughts on what is a really complex and highly individual issue, I worry that I left too many things unsaid. But there’s only so much we can fit into a 30-minute conversation! 

I’m really looking forward to getting your thoughts and feedback on this one, so please feel free to leave your comments below. 


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