A 4-Part Approach to Simplifying Life

The 4-Part Approach to Simplifying Your Life

This is a guest post from my friend, Debra Dane of Home Life Simplified¬†and author of the new book, ‘Simplify Your Life – From the Inside Out‘.

Many books and blogs approach simplifying life from the perspective of removing things to make life simpler.

  • Declutter to free up space.
  • Say no to cut back on commitments.
  • Buy and consume less.

While I definitely focus on what I can let go of, my approach is actually four sided.

I use a four part tool that helps me decide:

1. What to keep – things that are working as-is and I want to keep them. It is possible I will even increase them in my life.

2. What to delete – things that do not serve me well. I consider what brings me down or stands in my way, complicating life. These things are beyond help and just need to go.

After these two steps I have a clear picture of what “is” before I go into the two remaining areas.

3. What can I edit? – What do I want to keep, but needs to be adjusted. This might be an activity I want to remain involved with that needs to be scaled back or a task that needs to be adjusted to reflect the current season of my life.

4. Finally, knowing what resources (Time, money, energy) I still have available to me I can look at adding in things. What is missing in my life? What could make it easier or more fulfilling? What have I been longing for?

I use this approach whether I am decluttering my home and wardrobe or setting goals. It helps me examine things from all angles.

Sometimes life is made simple by removing things, but sometimes it comes from adapting or adding in what I really need to live a good life.

Download a worksheet from my new book ‘Simplifying Life -From the Inside Out’ and try it out in your own life. (Click here to download.)

For goals I use it to help me figure out potential roadblocks and possible supports to help me reach my goal. In other areas it is a more straight forward examination of what is working and what needs help.

This post is adapted from Deb’s new book ‘Simplify Your Life – From the Inside Out‘. In this book and workbook you can explore who you are, what you want and what is standing in your way, so you can simplify and live life your way.
Deb blogs at Home Life Simplified about intentional and authentic living. You can connect with her on her blog, Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. Oh, that last one… SO important! Once life is simple, THEN we truly add things that matter. I discovered that I didn’t even know what was missing until I decluttered. And I’m not talking about “things” as in possessions, but the other “stuff” of life that makes it all so much happier living!

  2. Great point about adding in what’s missing and adapting what you want more of and what might be working but just needs tweaking – benefits of the simple living journey that don’t get mentioned all that often. Thanks for the post.

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