The Weekend Report

It was a really, truly gorgeous weekend round these parts. In part due to the spring-time weather and in part due to the fact that we got to spend time at home, chilling out, catching up and sleeping in. (7:30! In the morning! Everyone!) We shared some good wine and pizza with some lovely people and we managed to get some work done too.


ALSO: I Can Tell I’ve Changed When…

I decide to stay in bed for two hours, reading the paper on the iPad, rather than get up and do yoga/laundry/baking/something productive. Six months ago, I would’ve berated myself so keenly that I was in a bad headspace for the rest of the day. Instead, I felt rested and content.

Damn, this slow living thing is really growing on me!


Sparky kept on with the painting (the back of the house is now nearly¬† done!!) and Isy and I tackled our newest project. We inherited a run-down chicken coop when our new across-the-road neighbours moved in, and it’s been sitting in the backyard for months, waiting for some TLC.

So considering the spring weather, we decided to start to give it a spruce up in the hope that we can get some chooks in there in the next few weeks.

Needless to say, Isla had an absolute ball and I was just as excited planning out the chook run!

How was the weekend in your corner of the world??


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