Unsubscribe from the rat race with Paul Jarvis

Unsubscribe from the rat race with Paul Jarvis

I’ve been reading Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches and listening to his Invisible Office Hours podcast for a long time. So long, in fact, I felt like I knew him before I’d ever spoken a word in conversation! So it was beyond a delight to sit and chat with him, and even more delightful to realise he is exactly the same in conversation as in his writing.

We spend quite a bit of time talking about the importance of being our true self online, and the BIG difference between that and sharing things we haven’t actually processed yet. Paul has written a lot about comparison and the myth that everyone else is living more interesting, photogenic lives that us, so we dive in to that too. I’ve linked to a fantastic post of his below that I would highly recommend you read if you find yourself playing the comparison game too often.

(Actually, I’ve linked to a handful of my favourite articles from Paul. Do yourself a kindness and take a read over the weekend.)

Paul also talks about his lack of routine, why busy-ness is a crutch we lean on to avoid feeling our feelings, and what he’s watching on TV these days.


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