Meditation #1 – The Slow Home Experiment

Meditation #1 - Slow Home Experiment

After last month’s not-so-great finish to the journalling experiment, we’re back with a new Slow Home Experiment – daily meditation.

This month we’ve decided not to put too many rules or stipulations on the experiment, but rather simply commit to the daily doing – no matter how that looks. I think part of the reason we can fall behind on these experiments is because we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our capacity to add new behaviours into our daily rhythm, so instead we’re just going to see what each day brings and make room for meditation in some capacity.

That being said, ideally I’d like to meditate each morning as I feel it’s going to give me a grounded, peaceful start to the day and will hopefully fit in with my yoga or morning run. Ben’s days are a little less predictable, so he’s more than happy to practice in the morning, on the train, or in the afternoon or evening – wherever it’s going to fit in.

We’re on Day 2 right now and have been using the guided meditations offered by Insight Timer, a free app available both on iTunes and for Android devices. It gives you a lot of options without being too overwhelming, and I like that you can choose to use the guided meditations or simply use the timer and bells if you’d prefer silence. You can also choose to follow friends from within the app, which might be a nice way to connect and maintain the motivation on those days that we find it hard to make time.

I’ve started a group on Insight Timer for those of you who want to join in. Simply search in the app for a group called Slow Home Experiment and join in, and feel free to follow Ben and I too. You can see which meditations we’re doing each day and keep us honest!

Don’t forget, you can play along by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and share your experiences. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let’s get experimenting!



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