Meditation #2 – The Slow Home Experiment

Meditation - The Slow Home Experiment

We’re a little over a week into this month’s Slow Home Experiment of daily meditation, and to be honest I’m finding it increasingly challenging.

I’m loving the lessons learnt and the experience of meditating every day, but what’s surprised me is those easy first few days have made way for some really tough sessions and some very frustrating mornings.

Being complete novices in meditation, I have no idea if that’s normal or not but in this episode Ben and I talk about our favourite guided meditations and I look at why one of mine left me in such a rage. (To be fair, I think it has more to do with me than the meditation guide, but man, I was cranky when I finished that day!)

I’m also finding a real difficulty in switching off most mornings, and while I’m sure part of that is practice, I’m also wondering if it’s partly about needing to set my intention before sitting down to meditate? This week I’ll be working on that specifically and am really keen to see if it makes a big difference in how quickly my brain “warms up”.

We also list the seven meditations we’ll be following this week, if you wanted to join in and practice the same ones it might be fun to compare notes:

  • Day 9:  Mindfulness for releasing anxiety (Relax and Let Go)
  • Day 10: Yoga Nidra for sleep (Meditate into Deep Sleep)
  • Day 11: Meditation for self-confidence (Cultivate Self-Love and Compassion)
  • Day 12: Mountain meditation (Introduction)
  • Day 13: Timer and bells for 10 minutes
  • Day 14: Favourite place of relaxation (Relax and Let Go)
  • Day 15: Cleanse your chakras (Different Techniques)

Of course, one of the things I’m loving about this month’s experiment is the lack of rules and stipulations, so don’t feel any pressure to join in if you don’t have the time or the inclination. Whatever works for you is what works for you!

And as I mentioned last week, we also started the Slow Home Experiment group on the Insight Timer app if you wanted to join us. There’s such an international group there already and I’m loving the idea that our energy and intentions are spreading out from so many points on the globe.

Let us know how you’re finding the experiment this month, and whether it’s normal for me to be finding it harder the more I practice.


Don’t forget, you can play along by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and share your experiences. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let’s get experimenting!



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