Meditation #4

Meditation #4 - The Slow Home Experiment

In last week’s episode I said that this meditation challenge has already been a life-changer, so it’s actually tough to top that pronouncement. Much like the sugar-free month back in February, this has already shifted from being an experiment, to a thing that I’m doing simply because the benefits are too great to ignore.

Ben’s experience, on the other hand, hasn’t been as clear cut. He’s battling time constraints and motivation, so in today’s episode we talk about the obstacles he’s been facing in daily meditation.

We also talk about what I actually see when I’m meditating, what I focus on and how I visualise the letting go of my thoughts. Keep in mind though, I am a huge novice so there may not be much wisdom there!

Before we wrap up the experiment next week I’d love to put together a list of resources, books, tips and suggestions for meditation, so if you have anything to share please pop it in the comments below and I’ll include it in next week’s wrap-up post.

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