Slow Home BootCamp – Landing in an Inbox Near You. Soon.

Slow. Trees.

You’ve left me comments, you’ve sent me emails, you’ve tweeted, you’ve Facebooked. You want to know how to slow down, to simplify, to love life. But you’re stuck. You don’t know where to start, what to tackle first. You need a helping hand to kickstart your Slow Home journey.

I hear you, my friend!

Three years ago I was struggling. Treading water. Going under. So desperate to catch a break, but so unsure of where to begin. But begin I did. And can I tell you, from what I have learnt over these past three years and what I have gained in my life, it is worth every second.

I’d love to help get you started down the same path…

On Friday June 29, I will be launching the Slow Home BootCamp – a 20-part email course that will kickstart your Slow Home journey and then some.

How Does it Work?

We know that small changes over time add up to make a huge difference, right? Based on that simple idea, you will receive an email from me every few days. Each email will give you a small 15-30 minute task to complete, which over time will add up to make a huge difference to your home, your life and your happiness.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Your First Clutter Bust
  • Establish a Landing Strip for your Home
  • Setting up an Exit Drawer
  • Learning to Love Where You Are Right Now
  • Replace One Commercial Cleaning Product with a Homemade Green Option
  • A Wardrobe Overhaul in 15 minutes

These don’t need to happen immediately upon receiving the emails. You can save them and work through the tasks as and when time allows. Whether that’s once a month, every four days – however works best for you.  (Remember, I’m a huge advocate of being kind to yourself).


Sounds Great! What do I Have to do?

You simply need to add your name and email address to the VIP Mailing List right here, and tick the box that says “Sign Up for the Slow Home BootCamp”.

That’s it.

The first BootCamp email will hit your inbox in two weeks’ time and you can start simplifying your life and slowing your home from there.


Tell me, what is the one area of your home you struggle with? What gives you the most stress? Attracts the most clutter? Keeps you awake at night?


Do you need help knowing what steps to take to create your own Slow Home? Sign up to the VIP list here and you will receive your first BootCamp email on June 29.

5 Responses to Slow Home BootCamp – Landing in an Inbox Near You. Soon.

  1. What gives me the most stress?…Almost everything but most seriously my basement which is really, really crowded with boxes filled with things from the past… Mostly toys, books, presents I didn’t ever use,clothes, magazines, furniture… and all those knick-knacks someone who’s unable to let go keeps…
    Among those things are treasuries I’m looking for but can’t find. But there are also my youth, my dauther’s childhood, the precious times I’ll never live again…

    Thank you sooo much for your blog Brooke!!! As you can see, I really need it!

    • Estelle, I’m sorry it took me a little while to reply to this – but I’m so glad you’re here! I think the bootcamp is going to light up the right way for you to move ahead and love where you’re at right now. Only two days to go! xx

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