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Romper Magazine is coming soon
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First, can I just say – thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The last post I wrote wasn’t designed to garner a heap of attention or praise. Your comments and emails were so gratefully received, and everything you have said – both publicly and privately – has been taken on board.

I’m not going anywhere. I promise.

I just needed some time to recallibrate and work out where I fit in this world.

Like I said, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem, and many of you have assured me that is the case. That you’re actually doing with my words what I hoped you would be – allowing yourself time to read them, and then moving out into the world, ready to live life whole-heartedly.

If someone asked me about my dream for the readers of this blog, it would be that they, or rather, you, might find something on these pages – a spark, an idea – that would spur you into action. Be it to clear out the clutter and excess, or to embrace the simple beauties that surround you. Fill your hearts up with gratitude or take ten minutes a day for yourself. I want your life to be as good as you deserve.

But I had been struggling with how that would happen. I was worried that I was adding to the noise and the pace and the urgency, rather than encouraging you to live a slower life.

But you tell me different.

You tell me you dip in and out of my words as needed. That you take the inspiration here and apply it to your daily life. And I want more of that. I want to see this idea of living simpler, slower, more joyfully, more beautifully, more playfully and more mindfully spread even further into the world – both yours and others. I want it to unfold before us, like the ripples from a stone tossed in a pond.

So I’m creating something new.

This blog will remain here. It will be here as far into the future as I can see. I love writing here and I love the community of beautiful, like-minded souls we’ve created. Don’t go anywhere! (Unless you want to, of course.)

But I am creating something new. Something big. Something I’ve never done before…


Romper Magazine - coming soon


I’m publishing a magazine.

Friends, meet Romper


Romper is playful.

Romper is joyful.

Romper will inspire you to discover the tiny beauties so often passed by. It will uplift and motivate you. It will tell stories of people living incredible, inspiring lives. It will share life-changing ideas. It will offer the small moments of peace and joy and fun and human-fuelled inspiration that we all need.

Romper is, in a word, different.

And excitingly, the first issue of Romper will be hitting the Apple Newsstand in early December, 2013.


There will be more information about the magazine and how you can get involved over the coming weeks. But for now, I simply needed to let you in on my plans. And to let you know – I’m not going anywhere.


19 Responses to Someone You Should Meet

  1. Oh gosh this is so exciting! I would love to read a magazine about others also living simply, slowing down and loving what is had and not what is often too abundantly wanted. It would be the only magazine I’d subscribe to. I look forward to hearing so much more about it!

  2. Hey Brooke,

    Nice to e-meet you. I caught your e-book seminar at the PB event – thanks for sharing all of your insights, it was very interesting stuff. I’ve literally just launched my first product this week and it’s such an exciting journey.

    Anyway…I just wanted to also congratulate you on the launch of Romper. Let me know if I can support you in anyway :)

    Zoe B

  3. Brooke, I missed your last post because I’ve been doing just what you wrote about: disengaging from the online world in order to be more fully in my real world. The tension you’re writing about is one I’m struggling heavily with myself. For me, it has become not just a quality-of-life issue, but a health issue. I don’t expect any easy answers. I’m glad your voice will still be here to help me find them.

  4. Hey Brooke,

    I’m so loving this!! Very excited to check out the first issue of Romper (love the name) and I’m so glad to hear you aren’t giving up on your wonderful blog either. If there’s anything I can do to help or support let me know.

    Luv K xx

  5. Awesome news! Looking forward to reading it…will it be available for Droid or PC? I’ll find a way, either way! Best of luck.


  6. Yay! Regarding the first issue, I had always wondered and assumed Leo was the icon for today’s minimalist lifestyle. Have a great digital media fast, I do this every Sunday (No video, computer or even radio!).

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