The Slow Home Podcast

We live life in the fast lane. We race to keep up with The Joneses. We are over-worked, over-committed and over-stressed, and we compete on how busy and important and sleep-deprived we are. But we don't need to.

There is an ever-growing group of people who are saying no to life lived at 110%. They are opting to slow down, simplify, say no and focus on the things that are truly important. I'm one of them, and in The Slow Home Podcast I chat to others who have adopted a similar approach to life - slowing down, opting out, saying no.

Listen in to learn what makes people change, how life is different once you adopt a slower way of life, and what their advice is to anyone looking to get out of the fast lane.

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Jocelyn Glei on fast tech and slow work When it comes to the fast pace of modern life, one of the biggest culprits is undoubtedly tech. Research now suggests that, in America, phone owners spend as much as five hours per day on their mobiles (FIVE HOURS) with just over half of that spent on social media apps. It’s little wonder then,… Continue Reading

The Great Outdoors: Part 2 – A Slow Experiment

“Everything resets outside. Your mind resets, your priorities might reset. All these different things click over. And when you come back, you have this spark of creativity; the barrier that was there is no longer there. How powerful is that?” – Ben We’re one week into the Great Outdoors experiment, and, unsurprisingly, it’s off to… Continue Reading