Random Acts of Kindness #2

Random Acts of Kindness #2 - The Slow Home Experiment

When we first chose Random Acts of Kindness for our September experiment, I knew it would make an impact on the way we viewed the world. What I didn’t expect was the huge outpouring of gratitude and support from all of you!

I’ve received so many emails, messages, Facebook comments and tweets about this month’s experiment and without exception they’ve all been incredibly positive. I think it’s partly the reminder that we can, in fact, choose kindness at any given moment, and also the feeling of connection we experience when we realise we’re part of something that’s making an impact around the world.

We’re not talking about big, audacious gifts or flashy examples of financial generosity (although they’re amazing too). What we’re talking about is showing kindness where we might not have previously – opening a door, smiling at a stranger, letting someone know you’re thinking about them or that you can even see them, acting on the impulse to be kind where we otherwise might not have – and it is an incredible, and slightly unnerving shift to make.

Today Ben and I talk about our experiences to date, and I dig a little more in to why I’ve felt fearful about truly random acts of kindness. We also talk about the things we’ve done over the past couple of weeks, the responses we’ve gotten from others, as well as how it’s made us feel.

I must admit, I’m a little conflicted at the idea of sharing these random acts, essentially because I worry that it will sound like a list of reasons I think I’m a good person, when really, this has very little to do with me at all. But I do think it’s helpful to hear what others are doing to spread kindness around, so hopefully there are some ideas in today’s poggie that will help!

Also: thank you all so much for your kind words after last week’s 100th Poggie Extravaganza! We had lots of fun recording that one (sorry about the lack of video!) even if we did record it three times. You guys are legitimately the best people in the world.

Enjoy today’s pogpast!


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One Response to Random Acts of Kindness #2

  1. Love this initiative… I’m wondering if you have any advice… I’d love to spread the kindness to a teacher…who, shall we say, isn’t the warmest of people to the kids… grumpy, shouts, fair whack of criticism ….wondering how I can spread the kindness to her, and maybe in the process highlight there may be a gentler way to interact with the kids with the same result (who knows, even possibly better results if you’re kind to people! ).