Listener Chat with Joshua

Listener Chat with Joshua - Episode 102 of The Slow Home Podcast It’s time for another listener chat episode, and this one is a delight. Not that this is a surprise – as it turns out the people who listen to our poggie are some of the kindest, coolest, most compassionate and self-aware people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And today’s guest Joshua is no exception. When I heard his story in the Straight and Curly Facebook group a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to talk to him about his journey back from overwhelm, and how he and his family have learnt to value time and experiences over the trappings of ‘success’. Joshua is so open and generous in the things he shares, and I think this conversation is going to be incredibly valuable to a lot of people, as he talks about the moment it became clear that things weren’t OK and goes deep in to the ways he and his husband have worked together to find a balance. We talk about how their slow, simple philosophy has impacted the choices they make as parents, and some of the changes (big and small) they’ve made over the past few years that have seen an incredible transformation. Joshua also talks about the really simple shifts he’s made at home in order to start living more sustainably, as well as what he’s doing with the space letting go has opened up. I found all of our chat inspiring, but to see the ways Joshua is adding awesome, values-based things in to his life made it clear to me just how much we each have to gain from learning to let go. The audio in this conversation isn’t great unfortunately, but the wisdom Joshua drops is way too good not to share so I hope you’ll forgive it. Thank you so much Joshua!


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3 Responses to Listener Chat with Joshua

  1. Josh nailed it! We recently downsized and I found it incredibly freeing to purge almost an entire houseful of stuff. I haven’t missed it.

    Josh reminded me of an old saying, “don’t let your possessions possess you.” His message touched me. Way to go Josh and Ryan for making such a positive change in the world. Elizabeth is so lucky to have you guys!

  2. When he described texting his mom at his lowest point of despair – and how she drove over to love and support him… wow. I appreciated his story of learning to simplify but even more the example of love and support that he illustrated. I hope I can always be that mom.

  3. I very much enjoyed listening to this episode and was quite surprised when he was talking about where he is located, only an hour or so from where I live!! So good to know that there are others in Indy are trying to slow down too. I have been trying to find a group in the area but my search has been fruitless unfortunately. Thanks for all you guys do!