From the City to the Bush – The Realities of a Tree Change with Bele Masterman

From the city to the country - the realities of a tree change with Bele Masterman - Episode 122 of The Slow Home Podcast I’m very excited to bring you this week’s poggie, as it’s our first ever four-time return guest AND it’s my delightful friend, Bele Masterman! I’ve been living a vicarious tree change through Bele for the past 6 months, and it’s been endlessly inspiring to see the decisions and choices she and her family have made in order to change their lives and live a life more closely aligned with their Why. Earlier this week I went tow visit her beautiful new country home and to sit down face-to-face to talk about the realities a very big tree-change. Bele and her family have recently moved from a large family home in the inner-city to a tiny cabin on riverfront acreage, and in this chat Bele talks about the process of moving, the challenges and pushback she’s had to overcome, and the surprising benefits she’s uncovered as her family has settled in to what is a very different life. We also discuss the pros and cons of documenting such a big life change on social media, and why it so often feels like the documenting of life is actually the robbing of presence. As has been a theme lately, we both talk about our personal Whys (no tears though – yay!) and how knowing our priorities in life helps us avoid slipping in to comparisonitis (too often). There’s also more bird talk, some excellent knowledge nugs, and this time we also throw a little cliche party too. I love chatting with Bele – she makes me laugh and makes me calm, and given my slightly emotional state of the past two weeks, this conversation was like a soothing, hilarious balm. She’s a gem! Enjoy!


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2 Responses to From the City to the Bush – The Realities of a Tree Change with Bele Masterman

  1. Just finished listening to this podcast and it was so great! I can relate to it on so many levels but I’ll try to keep my comments brief. While not as extreme as Bele’s, my husband and I moved from Melbourne to a small city in Tasmania seven months ago – and it’s awesome *and* challenging. Brooke, I was moved by your crisis re: striking a balance between making your own relatively privileged life better and wanting to make a difference in this crazy world. You may have heard of Tara Brach’s podcasts but in case you haven’t, here’s a link to her latest podcast where she talks about the state we’re in. Love your work!

  2. Brooke and Belle, always lovely to hear you two chat. Takes me to the time I met you both at your Slow Road workshop in Melbourne -Ceres, last year. I totally related to this podcast in so many ways. My hubby and our four kids left Melbourne last year (11 months ago) and moved an hour away. We now reside in a small 3 bedroom house on a lovely 6 acres surrounded by bushland. The change has been immense and there were so many things that I thought I’d miss, such as the convienece of walking to the Preston Markets for my fresh produce to name one of many. As it turns out these “things” I thought I’d miss, were really my fears of change from a fimiliar comfort we were living in the city. Still, it was the calling that came from deep with my husband and my core, that had to be answered. That calling was simply, to own a little plot of earth that we could raise our family on. Where we could grow our veggies, walk out the back door to go on bush walks. Have the quietness to still our minds at the end of every day.

    We have our very own wildlife sanctuary here, with so many native animals sharing our space. We have a large old wombat that has a burrow behind the damn, an echidna that waddles around the front of the block, countless kangaroos that graze on our back lawn and a list an arm length long of birds. We’ve found our happy place.

    My favourite aspect of our move, without a doubt, was gardening. We’ve been nurturing a small neglected orchard and a hopeful for some fruit this year. We’ve planted 13 trees from root stock and I attentively have watch every little bud of growth pop out over the last few months. We’ve also, created some garden beds, which eve planted out.

    Although, we are still realitively new to the town, we are meeting some very lovely and like minded souls, whom in time, I imagine will become dear friends. Next years pursuit, will see us emursing ourselves into our local community. We have some good start points and are keen to develop them.

    Just wanted to share our beautiful transition from city to bush. We feel as though we were always meant to be here.