Slow December #3

Slow December #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

This is the final Slow Home Experiment episode of 2016 (next Monday is Boxing Day and we have something a little special planned for you!) and Ben and I take the opportunity to wrap up our Slow December experiment.

We have taken December super easy by adding little pockets of peace and slow to our days in order to combat the craziness of the holidays. In today’s episode we talk about the different things we’ve tried this week, and the slowing down techniques we’ve got in mind for the last working week of 2016.

I talk about yin yoga (a slower type yoga where we hold poses for up to three minutes, and focus on softening in to the pose, rather than moving quickly in to another) and finding something beautiful to focus on every day. We also talk about the parallel idea of softening in to stress and problems, as opposed to meeting them with resistance and tension, which has been really helpful over the past few days as we’ve put in a lot of hours in the hope of taking a full break over January.

Ben talks about his efforts to say no more this month, and how it’s been more difficult but also more rewarding than he thought it would be, and why this is going to be a focus for both of us in 2017.

I just want to finish the Slow Home Experiments of 2016 by saying thank you to everyone who has joined in over the year. We’re going to spend some time on Thursday looking at the experiments that stuck, the ones that didn’t, and the changes that have made the biggest impact on us this year. It’s definitely been a year for the books, that’s for sure!


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3 Responses to Slow December #3

  1. It’s been an absolute delight to follow your pogpast and your experiments in 2016! I first discovered the pogpast in sep/oct, so my husband and I ended up doing the no suger-no alcohol in oct, with me joining decluttering in addition around the 12th of the month (not the smartest strategy – something about feeling somewhat deprived). I’m the podcast listner of our household, but this Friday night was kicked off with a bottle of red and your Summer Series Zoombie Apocalypse episode together with the husband – the slow living is spreading! Your light-hearted not-too-serious style is a perfect fit for us.

    I hope you have a lovely and energizing holiday!

  2. Keeping a healthier mind in order to have a stress-free life is super important. We should always keep our brains busy, but also take some time to relax. It might seem complicate, but well… We can do it. :)

    Keep up the good work here! <3

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