Rituals: Single Tasking

Rituals: Single Tasking - Episode 132 of The Slow Home Podcast

Welcome to the first Monday show of the year! As we mentioned last week, these Monday episodes are going to be a little different in 2017 as we move away from the month-long experiments and into something more accessible and actionable.

So much of slow living is about small, consistent changes as opposed to large-scale shifts, and while the experiments were such an amazing way of transforming our lives, they took a huge amount of energy to implement, which wasn’t the “small, consistent changes” approach we were going for. Plus, Ben and I both agree that recording and creating shows in real-time wasn’t the best example of slower, simpler work practices either!

Every week we’re going to cover one simple, easy, accessible slow living idea that will either give you something to do, or something to think about in the days after. We want to give you opportunity to act on these without feeling overwhelmed, so there will sometimes be a suggested action or change at the end of these episodes too.

Which brings me to today’s show, where we talk about the idea of single-tasking.

This is one of my favourite ways to introduce productive mindfulness to people who are too busy to meditate or take time for quiet reflection, as it allows us to keep doing, albeit in a much more mindful way than the overwhelming approach that is multi-tasking.

We talk about what I actually mean when I talk about single-tasking, why it’s necessary and how to practice it. 

We also want to finish each of these Monday shows with a takeaway or action for you to try, and this week it’s to try single-tasking once a day for the next week. Then simply observe yourself and see how it makes you feel and any changes – no matter how small – you may notice over time.

I really hope you enjoy this new style of show and that it brings slow living back down to a level where we can always find a small step forward, no matter how overwhelmed you may be feeling. In the meantime, have a wonderful week!


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