How to take time off as a self-employed person

How to take time off as a self employed person - Episode 133 of The Slow Home Podcast

Since launching the podcast almost two years ago (time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure!) one of the things I’ve learnt to love the most are our hostful Q&A episodes. I used to face them with a little trepidation because I was afraid of not having a good enough answer. But what I failed to see was the opportunity to learn from your questions, rather than worry about getting the answers ‘right’.

Today is the first Q&A of the year and, as always, you’ve asked some incredibly insightful questions:

    • Do you find you are more sensitive to others people’s cluttered homes now you have simplified yourself? Any tips for dealing with clutter intolerance in other people’s homes and even our own homes at times?
    • As I search for my first job after college, I’m noticing most companies lack a work-life balance. Taking care of myself and living a slow life is important to me. Do you have any advice about maintaining a slow living value while searching for a job in a world that operates at a very high speed?
    • Does slow living apply to how you eat? Do you eat simple meals? Any tips?
    • I own my own business and your vacation sounded so relaxing. How do you just unplug or set those boundaries to spend time with family without thinking if someone needs something with your business?
  • I love the sound of your holiday in Japan, and my husband and kids would have an absolute ball. I’d love a lot of it too, but I’d end up spending most of it alone as I have adrenal fatigue. How would you approach this challenge? My ideal holiday right now would involve long, lazy days and plenty of rest, but the kids (7,10 & 11) would be bored silly. How do you think we could find adventurous and fun ways to spend time together that suit all of us?

We had so much fun answering these, and it gave us the chance to talk through topics we’ve not really discussed on the poggie before. So to everyone who submitted a question – thank you!

We couldn’t get through them all today so will keep answering your questions next month. If ever you do have a question for the hostful shows, feel free to post in the comments here on the blog.

In the meantime, have a lovely week!


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4 Responses to How to take time off as a self-employed person

  1. I am just as guilty when it comes to the ‘sensitivity’ to cluttered homes. I also find that I also have that ‘sensitivity’ in my work place where my desk is free of clutter but the people who I work with don’t have that same space.

  2. Finding the balance between work and free time is very difficult when you are self-employed. When I first started working on my own projects, I worked practically every day all day for weeks. After that I got exxhausted and realised I need some boundaries in order to get my life back on track.