Rituals: Gratitude

Rituals: Gratitude - Episode 140 of The Slow Home Podcast

We’re wrapping up the simple rituals series with today’s episode, which is all about gratitude.

Now, I think gratitude gets a bit of a bad wrap, because we see it as an attempt to Pollyanna ourselves out of challenging situations, or to avoid dealing with negative feelings. But I’m a firm believer in the power of gratitude, and today we talk about how making it part of your day can not only help you see the positive in your day-to-day life, but also shift your mindset into one of contentment and peace.

One of the ways I find gratitude most helpful is that it stops me from taking the good things for granted. By ritualising the act of gratitude we’re telling ourselves that there are good things in life (no matter what kind of day we’ve had) and they are absolutely worth celebrating. And it’s here, in those taken-for-granted things, that we find the cure for discontent.

When we’re so convinced that we’re missing out, that we’ve been hard done by, or everyone else has all the luck, we’re ignoring all the good we do have in our lives. By paying attention and choosing to be grateful for them, we shift our mindset to one of plenty, or abundance, of enough. And from that place springs contentment.

We talk about my own approach to gratitude, as well as some other, practical, non-bragging ways of practising gratitude, including:

    • taking photos
    • documenting on Instagram
    • journalling
    • Liz Gilbert’s Happiness Jar
    • nightly ritual of gratitude at the dinner table
  • thanking your self or your body during meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise

This week we’d love you to commit to a daily practise of gratitude. It doesn’t need to be over the top or public, but just the act of taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful things that have been part of your day – big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Let us know if it makes an impact though – leave a comment, post over on Facebook or share your thoughts Instagram – we’d love to know if it was helpful. In the meantime though, have a wonderful week!


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45 Responses to Rituals: Gratitude

  1. Loved this idea of gratitude round the table when you mentioned it last week. I’ve tried gratitude journaling and not managed to stick to it, but I think this is a lovely way to share it with the whole family without feeling ‘false’, forced or boastful. Just need to remember to do it now!

  2. After being told about the benefits of gratitude journaling by so many people I decided to give it a real go. I’d previously found it hard to stick to the journal, and so tried to think to myself what I was grateful for each night before sleep. But having now been sticking to the journal (most days) for a few weeks now I have to say I do find it more powerful to write down. The nights when I haven’t done it, I notice the difference. I just write one short sentence, which helps make it not feel like a daunting task.

    Daily gratitude is such a great tip, and I hadn’t thought of taking photos as part of a gratitude practice before. That’s a great idea!

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