Presence over perfection with Dr Justin Coulson

Presence over perfection with Dr Justin Coulson - Episode 143 of The Slow Home Podcast

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s leading parenting experts – a father of six, a doctor of psychology and a passionate advocate for intentional relationships – and in today’s episode he and I sit down to discuss the importance of turning up for the people we love.

And while Justin is a parenting expert, he’s also a highly regarded psychologist and a voice of practical reason in all areas of relationships and in today’s episode he and I talk through a number of different ways we can turn up, be present and choose intention for the people we love – whether we’re a parent or not.

We start this conversation talking about the idea of slow living and how Justin, a self-professed ‘fast-paced’ person, fits in to a show centred on the idea of slow. As is often the case, the impression of slow living is one in which everything happens at a slow pace, or involves lots of meandering down time. But, as you probably know by now, it’s far more about intention than it is about speed. And because Justin is someone who talks about the importance of intention, I knew he was someone I wanted to talk to.

We chat about the impact intention has not only on parent-child relationships, but also the way we use technology, the way we allocate our time, and the way we choose our priorities. We also talk about the immense pressure we put on ourselves by trying to be everything to everyone, and how the resulting comparisons leave us exhausted and feeling like a failure.

I have a feeling there will be follow-up questions for Justin, so please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and hopefully I’ll get the chance to chat with Justin again in the near future.


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6 Responses to Presence over perfection with Dr Justin Coulson

  1. Thank you Brooke for this interesting conversation. I got a bit annoyed with the “me” vs “we” time conversation. I don’t think parents are selfish for craving some “me” time and even be obsessed about it as it seems such an illusive conquer. Of course families that focus on “we” time function better because kids thrive with attention and dedication but it will depend from person to person how much attention and dedication is enough… Being a parent is so hard and demands that you give so much of yourself it’s only healthy and desirable that parents find some space to be other than parents, reconnect with themselves (sometimes have a complete thought would be great). Agree with the view on presence and when it’s family time to totally focus on the moment and be present and enjoy and not regret “what you’re loosing” but will defend any parent who wants me time!
    I’m actually considering the 5mn I’ve been writing this comment as me time! Anyway, enough of rambling, thanks for the conversation, always good people you find!

  2. Loved this podcast. Has me thinking a lot about our time as a family. With our oldest in Prep this year our time together has completely changed. Friday nights and weekends are golden but this podcast has me thinking about how we use this precious time.

  3. I loved this podcast -although I bought the book 21 days to a happier family, I got so much more to think about from your conversations. It reminded me to make more space for my kids and be more present. So much so I have been tuning into Justin’s podcast and we when hubby suggested we all go out for lunch the same day , I agreed. Keep up the conversations about things that matter.

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