Kristen Ottaway on films that will change your life – SHP017

The Slow Home Podcast Episode 17 with Kristen Ottaway - Films that will change your life.

I’m always fascinated to see the unintentional themes that pop up in my podcast interviews, and one of the most frequent has been the idea of community and how it plays a huge part in living a slower, more intentional life.

Today’s guest is Kristen Ottaway, a health and well being advocate based in Brisbane, who has created a community of like-minded people through her business, Inspired Living Events, where she runs documentary screenings to help inspire people to change the way they live.

Honestly, aside from the fabulous conversation, this episode is worth a listen just for the film recommendations!

When I initially contacted Kristen to appear on the show, she questioned whether her life was actually slow or simple enough to qualify, but as you’ll hear, she’s made huge changes over the past few years and is now living a significantly slower, simpler life than she even had recognised.

We chat about how that happened – how she got out of debt, downsized, started a business and created a community of like-minded people who have been instrumental in her making and maintaining big changes in her life.



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You’ll Hear About:

  • The book that changed Kristen’s life
  • What slow living is and why Kristen thought her life didn’t qualify
  • How she and her family got out of debt and completely turned life around
  • The huge role that community has in helping Kristen not to feel alone in her choices and ideas
  • Kristen’s most excellent film and book recommendations.

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9 Responses to Kristen Ottaway on films that will change your life – SHP017

  1. First enjoy your time away from the internet. Second, thanks for doing these podcasts. they really make me think. I never really thought about just taking it one little thing at a time, but both of the last two podcasts have talked about that. last night I put on my shoes and told myself I just had to go around the block. next thing I knew it was almost an hour later.

    Thank you

  2. I agree that community is so important when you’re pursuing a counter-cultural path. Even having one other person who has a similar vision can be so helpful.

  3. This was so great. Truly the best podcast on simplicity and interesting unique guests that each bring something different to the table. Makes me to run , exercise , bike or walk so I can it my full attention.
    I’m curious how we can watch these documentaries. Where are they available, besides in person?

  4. Thank you so much for these amazing blogs and podcasts. They are really making me think about the changes I would like to make to my life now that I have hit 50. I have always been quite good at decluttering, this usually happened whenever I felt overwhelmed or anxious about something but have learnt so much more about breaking tasks down into manageable time frames and deciding on meals week in advance, this saves so much decision making and waste. Thanks again Brooke

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  7. So much of this podcast resonated with my journey. Love it. I have just recently connected with your podcast Brooke. I am slowly working my way through the 80 odd episodes. I think I am addicted.