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Slow Your Home – The Exit Drawer

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Scenario #1: Your sister left her sunglasses at your house last week. You say you’ll return them. You go to visit her the following week. You forget the sunglasses. She pops in. You have a coffee. You forget the sunglasses. You go to a party that she’ll be attending. You’re running late. You forget the sunglasses.

Sound familiar?

Our house is often littered with remnants of visits past – jackets, socks, toys, phones, plates and platters. You name it, we’ve probably had it left at our house.

Scenario #2: You have an appointment at a specialist. You need a referral for said specialist. You have that referral in an envelope. Somewhere. You have no idea where. You’re running late. You eventually find it. You race out the door, frazzled and slightly sweaty.

Does that one sound familiar?

That has been the story of so many of my days, let me tell you.

One of the key elements of a Slow Home is to have a clearly defined point of entry and exit.

We covered the basics of the entryway a couple of weeks ago, so I’m going to briefly dissect the idea of an exit drawer.

It will change your life if you engage it properly, I promise!


What do I Need?

Nothing hi-tech needed, just a space that you have set aside as your exit drawer. Ideally, it wouldn’t be anything else. Just your exit drawer.

It could literally be a drawer in your hallway. It could be a basket inside your coat closet. It could be a calico bag hung up on your hat stand.

Whatever/wherever it is, just commit to it.

What Do I Do?

Then – and this is the really easy part – put things in it that don’t belong to you. Those jackets, socks, toys, plates etc. Put them right in your drawer.

Add to that anything you have that you need to remember to take on an upcoming errand or to an upcoming appointment. Your referral, that bill you need to pay or the letters that need posting.

Then – and this is the tricky part – remember to look in that drawer every time you leave the house. Every time.

And every time you have visitors. Every time.

You will be amazed at how much more quickly you clear your home of the clutter that’s not yours. And how much more quickly you clear your mind of the clutter that is “things that I need to remember”.

Admittedly, it’s taken me some time to get used to checking our drawer on my way out. But as I do it more often, I’m stoked to see what a difference it makes. I think it’s also time for you to say, “Goodbye, stuff I shouldn’t have to tidy up!”

Some more beautiful entry/exit inspiration for your Friday:

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{via Apartment Therapy}


What plans ahead for the weekend, folks? We’re buying our Christmas tree – a real one – so the festive season is well under way!! Happy weekending. xx

Slow Your Christmas: DIY Wreaths

Wow! Another DIY wreath post. And in December, too!

Novel, it is not. Cute as a puppy riding a unicorn? Most certainly!

I have a thing for pompoms and for jewel colours this year, so I combined the two and ended up with a sweet wreath I plan to keep around for years. If you have a few spare hours, a few balls of wool and a series of Game of Thrones to watch, then I can highly recommend this DIY wreath option.

I can recommend it, but I can’t take credit for it. For full tutorial details, check out Bleubird Vintage’s tutorial from a couple of years ago.

And if this doesn’t float your boat, you should check out Apartment Therapy’s round-up of DIY Christmas wreath ideas.

Happy first day of summer, antipodean readers!! xx