2012 in 2012 – January

Since the beginning of 2012, when I had my big idea to declutter our home of 2012 unnecessary items by the end of the year, I’ve thrown myself into the challenge with gusto. So far I’ve tackled the kids’ wardrobes, overstuffed with clothes that we’ve bought, been gifted, been donated and accumulated via osmosis. I’m also mid-way through our wardrobes and have a couple of posts coming up with some tips on the best way I’ve found to work through these clutter-zones.

Is this scintillating reading? Probably not.

But if you want to live a simpler, more mindful, more contented life, then I guarantee that decluttering your home is one major step towards getting there.

The major benefits that we’ve already discovered living with less (and we are but a fraction of the way there) are:

  • more time for ourselves – cleaning, tidying and dressing take less time, because there’s less to clean and less to choose from
  • a healthier perspective – I exercise (or at the very least stretch and do some sit-ups) every day now. This has come mostly from the feeling of mental well-being and boosted energy I’m getting by lightening the load that’s been burdening me. Each bag that goes to Vinnies is a physical and emotional weight off.
  • more gratitude – stuff does not equal happiness or love
  • more contentment – the combination of those above add up to a feeling of contentment – that we’re doing right by ourselves, giving ourselves room to breathe and dream


So I will keep on with the 2012 Challenge. If you’re wanting to declutter and start towards a simpler, slower life, then drop me a line in the comments or say hello on Facebook and we can do it together. And if 2012 seems like a mighty number, nominate a figure that you’re comfortable with. We have to start somewhere!

3 Responses to 2012 in 2012 – January

  1. Your sister told me about your 2012 challenge, it took me a while to remember your blog address, and some significant fb hunting, but I found it! Good luck with this challenge, can’t wait to read all about how it goes – it’s very inspiring!

    • Thanks, Hibba! Glad you tracked me down – and hopefully now I can keep on top of the 2012. It didn’t sound like THAT much when I first thought of it, but now… ;)