2012 in 2012 Update: January


Mission: Declutter is still underway.

Mission: Keep Myself Accountable is resuming.

January was a big month for clearing, cleaning and culling. Certainly that has something to do with starting afresh? Clean slate and all that?

Sparky and I spent a few hours decluttering our wardrobes, and I took an hour to clean out the bathroom cabinet completely. (Rock’n’roll. That’s us.)

Here is what we’ve said goodbye to since our previous update:

Items Donated or Given Away:

  • kids clothes x 31
  • my clothes x 38
  • Sparky’s clothes x 11
  • accessories x 8
  • home decor x 5
  • shoes x 2
  • electrical items x 2

Items Thrown Away (Beyond Repair or Use):

  • my clothes x 32
  • perfumes x 2
  • shoes x 3
  • Sparky’s clothes x 11
  • misc. toiletries x 23
  • make-up samples x 7
  • enormous bag of coat hangers

Total = 176

Add that to the 231 items from the previous update and I’ve decluttered our home of 407 items in January. That’s just under 20%! Things are getting serious…

6 Responses to 2012 in 2012 Update: January

    • There’s something about the counting that makes me feel more accomplished. (Probably ridiculous, but nonetheless!)

      Truth be told though, I’m getting concerned. I’ve tackled most of the “hot spots” (wardrobes, toys etc) and now will have to work a lot harder for the last, oh I don’t know… 1700 things. :)