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The Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Guide

The Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Guide

Yes, I am going there. Already.

It’s actually less than 2 months until Christmas and I’d like you to enjoy the lead-up to the festive season this year, rather than frantically thinking of gift ideas in the week leading up to Christmas.

So I’m here to give you the ultimate list of awesome clutter-free gifts that will impress your family and friends.

While the focus of the festive season certainly isn’t (or shouldn’t) be completely on gift-giving, for many of us, it is a big part of our celebrations.

An Australian Christmas is a wonderful thing – it’s hot, we eat loads of seafood (prawns, oysters, smoked salmon) and drink too much sparkling burgundy. We share a meal with loved ones, enjoying good food, good company, good wine and awesome laughs.

We receive so much from simply sharing the table with our loved ones, that gifts feel unnecessary. And, in one way, I’d love for gift-giving to stop being part of Christmas altogether. It drives so much over-spending and provides so much fodder for decluttering in the months following – the idea can be depressing.

That being said, I love the giving element. Receiving gifts I could take or leave – I don’t need anything – but giving really floats my boat. Particularly when you get it right and the receiver is both grateful and excited.

I’ve put together a list of clutter-free gifts for you to give this year. Giving a clutter-free gift to a loved one means:

  • you don’t add to the clutter in their home
  • they are (almost) guaranteed to love their gift
  • you can broaden their minds as well as their horizons
  • you can help less fortunate people
  • you can encourage a healthier lifestyle

Most of these gift suggestions are made with teenagers and adults in mind.

Gift-buying for younger kids is more problematic. While we can help them to manage their expectations, it is still so joyful to see a young child tearing the paper from a present, squealing with joy as they spy that much-wanted gift from Santa.

That’s why Sparky and I will always buy our kids’ Christmas presents. We don’t go overboard and we buy quality things they will use. This year, though, for the other kids we buy for, we are trying to buy experiences over things.

So while most of these gifts below are suggested with adults and teenagers in mind, many of them would make great gifts for an entire family too.

Better yet, prices range from $5 to $1000+.

Before You Write Out Your Shopping List, Keep In Mind…

Giving gifts you have made yourself is lovely – it’s affordable, sustainable and from the heart. But considering aesthetic tastes vary so widely, even within families, it is best to make your gifts of the consumable variety, rather than the “I macramed this toilet-seat cover for you and it took hours, I hope you keep it forever” variety.

Make your Christmas shopping mantra: “Experiences over things.” Experiences over things. Experiences over things. Repeat it. Write it on your shopping list. Adopt it whole-heartedly. Experiences over things.

If you want to buy a physical gift for someone, make sure you get it right by asking them. Granted, it isn’t always appropriate to ask the recipient, but try to ascertain specifically what it is they need or want, so they are not gifted with something they don’t want or won’t use.


The Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Guide

World Vision Gift Cards

Starting at $5, you can give the gift of a better life to children and families in developing countries. School pencils, immunisation, fast-growing seed packs, a goat, chickens, ducks or a sewing machine. Each of these gifts brings so much to the recipient and their community, and when given to someone you love for Christmas, you’re spreading the joy far and wide. Gift cards available here.

Sponsor a Child

UNICEF, Save the Children and World Vision are all reputable international aid providers that allow you to sponsor a child. You can make a one-off donation in your loved one’s name or you can pay an annual amount for full sponsorship. While there is no gift to give your loved one, you are giving them the opportunity to improve a life – that is invaluable.

Restaurant Voucher

One of my favourite clutter-free gift options. Buy a voucher for a special-occasion restaurant and give the gift of a delicious meal. Each year my parents give Sparky and I a voucher to our favourite local restaurant. Baby-sitting services are an added bonus so we go for our wedding anniversary. It is such a thoughtful gift, completely clutter-free and a real luxury.


The ultimate consumable gift. Take the time to find out what varieties your loved ones prefer and gift them with a delicious and consumable gift. (We usually get half a dozen bottles for Christmas which are, ahem, rapidly appreciated.)

Etsy Gift Card

For the handmade lover in your life. Instead of taking a guess on which handmade items they would love, you can now buy gift cards for the world’s largest handmade retailer – Etsy. And while it is not strictly clutter-free, given they will buy something with the gift card, it is likely to be a gift the recipient will love because they can choose for themselves. Particularly great for teenage girls!

iTunes Voucher

While not very original, an iTunes voucher is a winner for good reason. Via the iTunes store, the recipient can buy apps, games, movies, music or TV shows – and it’s clutter-free. Teenage boys will love it!

Weekend Away

This is a perfect gift for parents or grandparents. You can give them the gift of relaxation, away from the pressures and responsibilities of home. You may want to include your baby-sitting services for added joy!

Homemade Vouchers for your Time

Your time is valuable so why not package it up for your loved one. Consider giving a homemade voucher for your services. Perhaps 6 sessions of baby-sitting, or 3 weekends of gardening help. Time is something so many of us are permanently short of – why not give the gift of extra hours?

The Gift of Your Skills

What skills do you possess that the receiver may need? Are you a hairdresser? Dog groomer? Painter? Crafter? Gardener? Sewing expert? Cooking whiz? Why not make up a voucher for your skills? You can give a free haircut, or help bake a birthday cake. Think about the person you are gifting your skills to – what would they need help with and how can you make things easier for them? Remember – a gift doesn’t have to cost much to be incredibly valuable.

Homemade Edibles

Shortbread, biscuits, jams, chutneys, sauces. Pickles, olives and infused oils. You can make all of these yourself with a little time and effort. Providing the foods are something the recipient actually eats, then they are the ultimate clutter-free gift. To up your green points, use recycled glass jars with sweet handmade labels. Ideal for teachers, great-grandparents and work colleagues.

Plants – The Gift of Green

While not strictly clutter-free, plants are a beautiful and practical gift. They clean the air inside the home and bring life and vibrancy to the outside. When deciding what to buy, make sure they are hardy or suitable to the climate of your loved one. Dwarf citrus trees and olive trees can be grown in pots, and a long, low planter box can be planted with herbs for an instant kitchen garden.

Movie Vouchers

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? It’s becoming an increasingly expensive outing, so some vouchers are a perfect gift to give. Great for teenagers, teachers and work colleagues.

Travel Vouchers

One of the greatest gifts in life is to broaden someone’s horizons and help them explore the world. Give this gift to someone you love by giving vouchers to a travel agent or online booking agency. Combine your gift spending with others to give a more significant amount.

Theatre Tickets

Another luxury many of us would love, but rarely buy for ourselves. Tickets to a show at the local theatre company, or a big show at one of the major theatres will be gratefully accepted. If they’re not so into theatre, you could buy ballet, circus or opera tickets instead.

Sporting Tickets

What do you buy the sporting lover? Perhaps a season pass to their favourite sporting team’s home ground or tickets to a big match later in the year. If the tickets aren’t on sale yet, make a voucher yourself and buy them when they do go on sale.

Concert Tickets

These are another gift that we often won’t buy for ourselves. This year, Sparky and I have bought each other tickets to two concerts – Weezer and Band of Horses. It’s such an ideal gift when you don’t need anything. Again – experience over stuff.

Tickets to a Local Attraction

A family ticket to the zoo, aquarium or water park is ideal for the people who have everything. It’s often an outing that gets put off due to cost or the time it takes to organise it, so buying a family pass creates a reason to go. This year, Sparky and I are going to a wildlife park with his brother’s family instead of buying gifts for the kids. Experience over stuff.

Massage – The Gift of Relaxation

The gift of relaxation is never going to be misplaced. A voucher for the local beautician or day spa is something women will always be excited about.


Similarly, a voucher for a facial or other pampering is always appreciated. Rarely do we feel that we can spend the money on pampering ourselves, but receiving it as a gift is the perfect solution. Clutter-free and guilt-free pleasure!

A Kindle

Not strictly speaking a clutter-free gift, but for the avid reader it will save a lot of space on books. Particularly if combined with a voucher for Amazon.


The ultimate clutter-free gift. A gift card from Amazon will give your most avid reader many hours of pleasure.

Cooking Lessons

Check online for local cooking schools offering one-off or short-term classes. You can give a voucher and let your loved one decide, or you can book them in for a specific course.  From beginners to keen amateur chefs, there will be something for everyone.

Music Lessons

A term of guitar lessons or singing lessons is a thoughtful gift for the music lover or the teenager looking for a new hobby. Local music schools would offer vouchers, or you could pay for private tuition with a music student. It’s such a great way to encourage a new skill and get creative.

Learn a New Language

Enrol your loved one in a short course to learn a new language. This is something grandparents may be interested in, as well as those who plan on travelling in the near future. Check online or look up your local community college for course details.

Dance Classes

Has your nephew always wanted to learn hip-hop? Your sister interested in ballet? Sign them up for a beginner’s dance class. Often that encouragement is all someone will need to dive head first into a new passion. And if they’re a little hesitant – why not go along with them. You may just love it.

Yoga Classes

Everyone needs a little Zen in their lives. Why not buy a pass to an introductory yoga program for your loved one? It’s going to be beneficial for their health and well-being and it’s a clutter-free gift. Win-win!

Recipe Book from Family and Friends

This is an affordable and thoughful gift – take the best recipes from your collection and from your family or friends. Collate them and have them printed into a lovely book. Everyone has one never-fail recipe – share the love and pass them on. Perfect for newlyweds or young adults who are leaving home.

Practical Gifts

People roll their eyes at the idea of giving practical gifts, as if they are less worthy or interesting. But the reality is, sometimes all we need is something practical. And the money you would spend on an impractical gift – while appreciated – will be spent again when you have to buy the item you needed in the first place. Sure, it’s not that exciting to buy a new home phone, a cordless drill or a fire pit, but when it’s something wanted or needed you need to remember who the gift is for.


This year, give the gift of experience, not clutter. Your family and friends will thank you for it. Honestly.

What clutter-free gifts have I missed? Let me know in the comments below and I will add it to the list.

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The New York Times Best-Selling Author… and Me.

Life Lessons from the Problogger Event
Mademoiselle Slimalicious, Seana Smith and me {via Smilebooth Aust}


Last Saturday I found myself sharing the stage with a New York Times best-selling author.

We were having a casual chat about this blog and my big ideas for its growth. In front of, you know, 200-odd people. It was…surreal.

I was at the ProBlogger Event in Melbourne and had volunteered to publicly workshop my ideas with Chris Guillebeau in one of the sessions. It was ridiculously wonderful – inspirational, educational, motivational. And while talk of e-books, content creation and engagement are incredibly interesting to me, that’s not what I want to share with you.

Instead, I want to share the three amazing life lessons I learnt there.

Three Life Lessons Learnt at ProBlogger Event

Yes, each of these was originally a lesson on blogging, but each of them is so poignant and beautiful that they apply perfectly to the life you’re creating. A life of simplicity, happiness and meaning. You can apply them to your life today, and you certainly don’t need to be a blogger to do so.

Lesson #1: Small Actions Add Up to Big Changes

What can you achieve in 15 minutes?

As an isolated unit of time, it’s not very significant. You may be able to hang the laundry, flick through the newspaper, go for a walk, write a few hundred words.

But if you commit to 15 minutes of action every single day, 15 minutes spent working towards a simpler life, this will have a huge impact.

15 minutes a day
1 3/4 hours a week
91.25 hours a year

In other words, 15 minutes a day gives you 11.8 working days a year in which to simplify and create the life you want.

Life is busy, I know. If you’re struggling to see where you can find those extra 15 minutes, think about these options:

  • Watch one less television show.
  • Wake 15 minutes earlier.
  • Get off Facebook.
  • Ask your partner to sit with the kids for 15 minutes in the morning or evening.

You can find 15 minutes a day. I know you can. It’s just a matter of committing to change.

It’s what you do with those 11.8 days a year that will change your life.

  • Write a book
  • Declutter your entire home
  • Start a business
  • Launch a website
  • Learn a language

15 minutes doesn’t sound significant, but look at what you can do with it. REMEMBER: Small actions add up to big changes.

Lesson #2: Be a Life-Long Student

I was in a room with some of the best and brightest wordsmiths and tech-heads in the country. These people know their stuff. They are experts. They are innovating an entire industry. And yet, they were there with their minds open, ready to learn.

You can never know everything. Ever.

This photo from Eden Riley speaks volumes. That’s Darren – the ProBlogger – sitting in on a session at his own event, open to learning. Listening, taking in the knowledge that filled the room.

darren rowse at problogger event - still learning
{via Eden Riley}

Lesson #3: Say Yes to Opportunity

Have you ever been faced with an opportunity – a brilliant, once in a lifetime opportunity – only to let it slip by as you stay seated, hands in lap, eyes cast down, silently praying you don’t get picked?

Trust me on this – you need to learn to say yes to opportunity.

That’s how I found myself sharing the stage with Chris Guillebeau.

The idea terrified me. But I recognised the opportunity and studiously ignored the shy voice in my head pleading, “No, no. Please. Get your hand down. I can’t possibly do that.” My hand went up and before I knew it, I was on the stage.

The payoff was immediate and incredible. I was literally inundated with ideas and feedback – invaluable ideas and feedback from some of the best in the business. The universe repaid my willingness to say yes, and it repaid me handsomely.

So learn to say yes to opportunity.

You will meet wonderful people. You will experience incredible things. You will surprise yourself every single time.


Those 3 Lessons Again:

#1 Small actions add up to big changes.
#2 Become a life-long student.
#3 Learn to say yes  to opportunity – even when it’s terrifying.

Learn them and apply them to your life. Today.


For those of you who missed the event, there are now Virtual Tickets available to buy, allowing you online access to the slides and audio of each session. I’ve already listened to some of the sessions I missed and will definitely be referring back to those I attended – that’s how packed full of info they were.

Over 21 hours of audio on blogging, online marketing and internet business – delivered by some of the best bloggers, authors and businesspeople in the world. My favourites were Shayne Tilley’s session on launching a product and James Tuckerman’s keynote. Amazing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Virtual Ticket, click here and see what else is included*.

(*Affiliate link – meaning I will receive a commission if you purchase the Virtual Ticket through this link. Regardless, I would be recommending this anyway – it is that good.)


What was the last life-changing experience you had? How did it change you?


Can’t Keep Up? One Sure-Fire Way to Tidy Your House – Fast.

So you live in a hovel
{via Steph Dix}


Generally speaking, our house is relatively clean and somewhat tidy.

As a parent of tiny but destructive tornadoes young kids this is about all I can hope for, while still maintaining my:

A) sanity
B) sense of humour
C) spontaneity

To manage this state of mostly-clean-most-of-the-time, I have spent months paring back our belongings, I clean up big messes as I go and tidy up before or just after the kids go to bed at night. I do a little bit of cleaning most days and will put at least one load of washing on almost every morning.

Boring, yes. But it also stops our house from resembling a turn of the century opium den. And not one of the “nice” ones.

That is, until we have a weekend like the one just gone.

A trip away, Sparky’s birthday, a stream of visitors and no housework at all. It was two blissful days and nights of good food, wonderful company and happy kids.

Ideally, I would have done the cleaning before we left. Ideally, I would have tidied up so we weren’t faced with the mess upon our return on Sunday afternoon. Ideally, I would not have left a load of wet towels in the washing machine.

But sometimes, life isn’t ideal. Sometimes you’ve gotta go with the flow.

And sometimes you’re faced with a house that resembles a turn of the century opium den come Monday morning.

It’s Too Much.

You may feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the mess. You may decide that drinking coffee and browsing Pinterest is a much better use of your time. You may procrastinate upon your procrastination.

But in the end, you will still need to get it sorted. Why not do it now, and do it fast?

What To Do?

Why, you Clutter Bust, of course! All you need is a little time, some energy and an empty laundry basket.

Grab your basket and choose a room. Any room will do.

1. Out loud, start counting slowly from 30 down to 0.

(Yes, you will feel like a dork. But there’s nothing like an old-fashioned countdown to get you moving.) And in that time, pick up anything that does not belong in that room. Put it in the basket and keep moving. Speed is the name of the game here.

2. Continue room to room.

Give yourself 30 seconds in each space to grab anything that does not belong. 60 seconds if the room is really heavy on the mess.

3. For maximum impact, target flat surfaces like:

  • shelves
  • coffee tables
  • desks
  • dressing tables
  • countertops
  • dining table

You may be surprised by how quickly the basket fills.

4. Once you are finished and have a nice sweat up (ha!) it’s time to sort.

Take the basket to your now clear dining table. Sort each item into piles, with one pile per room, a pile for the bin and a pile for things that simply do not have a home.

5. Once you have worked through the basket, it’s time to put everything back in its place.

If you have kids or a partner, enlist their help at this point. As each pile is returned to its room, take the extra minute to put things back in their correct place. Your newly tidied home will thank you for it!


This simple clutter bust is a very superficial fix.

It won’t answer the questions of why you have the clutter or disorganisation in the first place.

But it will help you wrangle back control of your home, before things get worse. And, if our home is anything to go by, even worse than opium den is… well, it’s pretty damn bad.


A quick fix like this is rarely the long-term solution, but for those days when it’s all too much, the Clutter Bust is a super helpful way to get your relatively clean, somewhat tidy house back in action.

What’s your favourite speedy housework tip? One that saves your bacon five minutes before guests arrive?



There’s no doubt life can be fast. Often too fast. Too much. Too stressful. Too overwhelming. On days like that we will tell ourselves there’s no time to slow down.
But there’s always time for a little slow, even on the busiest day. Join us for 365 Days of Slow and commit to a moment of slow, every day for a year. Learn more and sign up right here.

On Pursuing Your Passion

you could make a wish or make it happen
{via Wicked Paper}

Pursue your passion. Discover your purpose. Find your happiness.

It’s advice we’re told time and time again. And it’s not bad advice.

In fact, I’m walking proof that discovering your passion and living it can lead to untold happiness. I can safely say – pursuing your passion is good advice.

But what if you don’t know how to discover your passion?

What if you know what your passion is, but have no idea where to begin?

What if you need to kick things up a notch, but don’t have the skills yet?


Since posting The September Summary on Monday I’ve received numerous emails from people asking these questions.

The short answer to each question is one and the same – experimentation.

I have always loved writing, but for years I didn’t do any. Instead I experimented with other hobbies and interests.

I ran my own jewellery label for four years. I was big into the handmade movement, crafting up a storm. I was an avid film watcher, devouring everything I could about movie-making. I lost myself in gardening. I began a floristry course. Became enamoured with snowboarding.

But, over time, I came back to writing. Slowly words returned to me.

First I was determined to write a screenplay. Then a children’s television series. I began writing a book based on mine and Sparky’s travel adventures. I had three blogs before I began this one. I was a voracious journaller.

Eventually I arrived here. Writing about creating a simple life. Building a beautiful community. Discovering opportunities I’d never dreamed of. And it feels right. It feels like home.

I’ll never tire of it like I did my other interests. It’s what I do even when I’m exhausted. It’s what wakes me up and finds me writing at 3am. And not out of obligation, but out of sheer joy.

Some days it feels like work – I have to grind through the words, just like anyone – but it never feels like a job.

How To Discover Your Passion

I couldn’t possibly sum it up any better than Leo Babauta from Zen Habits in his post “The Short But Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion

I told you this wouldn’t be easy. It’ll require a lot of reflection and soul-searching, at first, then a lot of courage and learning and experimentation, and finally a lot of commitment.

But it’s all worth it — every second, every ounce of courage and effort. Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, will give you that reason to jump out of bed, will make you happy no matter how much you make.

Take a look at the entire post – it’s a beautiful, inspiring read.


How To Begin

Starting something new is daunting. You’re faced with the possibility of failure. Of looking silly. Of breaking your face, like I did. (If your new passion happens to be snowboarding.)

But the best way to begin pursuing your passion is just that. To begin.

Take baby steps. First work out what fills you with fire, what gets you excited.

Read about it. The internet is a passion-chaser’s dream. Whatever you are pursuing, you will find the information you need online. You can find tutorials, blueprints, step-by-step guides and case studies. Just become a sponge.

Experiment. Try new things. Challenge yourself to complete a task in a set period of time. Throw yourself into your new interest. You will know soon enough if it truly is a passion.

How to Take Things To the Next Level

Of all the emails I received this week, many have been from writers and bloggers wanting to know how I work to improve my writing and how I’ve grown the community of Slow Your Home so quickly.

And while I feel quite unqualified to talk about it, I do know any improvements I’ve made in the last 6 months come down to two things:

Knowledge and Persistence.

I study the best. I read their blogs. I dissect their posts. I take their courses. I buy their books. I try to emulate them. I practice. I understand there will always be room for improvement. I know I’ll never be done with my learning. I am a sponge.

It’s not sexy, but it appears to be working.


Building that Knowledge

Because I want to continue to improve as a writer, and because I want to create a bigger, even more amazing community here, I am heading to Melbourne next weekend.

I’ll be learning from the best. Gleaning every bit of information I can from them so I can turn around and improve what I do.

I’m attending the ProBlogger Training Event, where I will listen to presentations from Darren Rowse, Chris Gillebeau, Chantelle Ellem, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Avery and some of the best writers in the country. It sold out in a matter of days and to say I’m excited is quite the understatement.

Today I have an amazing opportunity for my fellow bloggers and writers. For the first time ever, there will be All Access Virtual Tickets available to the event.

This means you get access to full recordings of all sessions, as well as complete slide presentations. The program is jam-packed with more than 20 of these sessions, so this pass is absolutely worth its weight in gold. If I wasn’t lucky enough to be attending, I would most definitely be purchasing one of these passes.

If you’re interested in attending the Problogger Event virtually, click here for more information – including the full program – and to buy your ticket.*


Pursuing Your Passion Takes Work

Regardless of where your passion lies, there is work involved in discovering it, learning it and constantly improving it.

But it is work that you will never regret.

“Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, will give you that reason to jump out of bed, will make you happy…”

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits



(*This is an affiliate link, meaning I will receive a small commission if you purchase your pass using this particular link. Thanks in advance.)


The September Summary

September Summary

The monthly summary is a new feature that will show what I have decluttered in the previous month.
I’ll also use it to stay accountable to my plan of finishing the first draft of my novel and show you the work I’ve been doing on my upcoming ebook. If you want to play along, feel free to list your decluttering totals in the comments below.


Decluttering is a huge part of creating a simple life. It’s one of the first steps people look to take, and it is by far one of the hardest. When you’re faced with literally years of accumulated mementoes, clothes, papers and junk, the idea of ridding your home of it is really daunting.

This year, I challenged myself to declutter 2012 items by December 31. That equates to 5.5 things a day.

I really thought I would struggle with this challenge. 5.5 things a day is a lot.

But I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. Once my head was in the right place and I started to notice the sheer volume of stuff surrounding us, it’s been quite easy to stick with it. Aside from the benefit of decluttering the physical items:

  • I feel lighter
  • the house is easier to tidy
  • it takes less time to get dressed in the mornings
  • I’m more motivated to keep simplifying in other areas


2012 in 2012 Challenge - September Update


This month I focused on the clothes storage – boxes and boxes of kids clothes that our two have grown out of. Rather than keeping these shut away for any potential third child, I decided to pass the best clothes on to family and donate many of the rest.

I’ll be honest, it tugged at my heart a little, but I realised that holding on to these tiny clothes will not make our kids tiny again. It also is not a big enough reason to extend our family further. If we do that, it won’t be because of a box of cute clothes.

Items Donated or Given Away:

  • my clothes x 87
  • Sparky’s clothes x 45
  • shoes x 2
  • bags x 1
  • kids clothes x 421
  • kids shoes x 12
  • hard rubbish x 25
  • miscellaneous decor x 99
  • wardrobe x 1

Items Thrown Away (Beyond Repair or Use):

  • my clothes x 11
  • Sparky’s clothes x 7
  • kids clothes x 53
  • kids shoes x 4

Total = 768

Add that to the 1581 already gone and we’re at a total of 2349!

Success! More than 2012 items decluttered this year.

I’ll see how high we can make it by the end of the year, because I know there is so much more to go. Damn, this paring down is addictive!

Novel Update

Last month I told you about the novel I’d started. I was nervous to do that, but the level of support I received from you was astounding. Thank you – yes, you – so much.

Progress is good, if not a little slower than I’d hoped. Having never done this before I am flying blind and feeling my way through the process. Some days I get 1000 words out while others it’s 50. And I’m OK with that. The characters are slowly emerging, letting me get to know them, and I have to say – they’re pretty damn interesting.

Word count total: 8200

Ebook in the Works

The Slow Home Bootcamp has been going incredibly well (despite some technical hiccups – sorry folks!) and I have been asked numerous times if I’ll be following it up with an ebook.

I’m excited to share that I’ve started working on one this month and hope to launch it early next year.

The (proposed) title is:

“Luck, Schmuck – The No-Nonsense Guide to Creating a Simpler, More Contented Life.”

Admittedly, it might need some work! But I’m in the early stages of outlining the chapters…

Word count: 1200.

Most Popular Post This Month

Did you catch this post? At last count, it’s been shared over 230 times and is one of the posts I’ve worked hardest on – ever.

21 Quick Actions To Simplify Your Life Today


New Slow Your Home Members

This month has seen huge growth in readers (Hello! Drop me a line! Let me know what you’d like to see more of around here.) in large part due to this humbling post on Becoming Minimalist.

At the end of August I had a combined total of 497 email subscribers.

At the end of September there are 1907 lovely folks subscribed to my email list. (I know, right?!)

Thank you all so much for reading. I am insanely passionate about creating a simpler life and the benefits it brings, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share what I know with you. Better yet – I can’t wait to see what you have to teach me!


Share with us below – what’s the one thing you achieved in the past month that you are most proud of?