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On Breaks. Or Brakes.

I’m doing some thinking. Some sitting and staring. Some recalibrating. Some learning.

I’ve gotten a little lost. And I know it’s self-indulgent to talk about my mind’s wanderings, as if they’re important. But…

Something has been sitting poorly in my chest for a while now. And, after a life-changing weekend, I have worked out what it is.

I want you to visit this blog, find a small moment of inspiration or encouragement, and take it with you as you move about in the 3D world. Let it accompany you as you live. As you explore. As you soak in the beautiful, tiny moments between.

What I found to be sitting poorly in my chest, is that everything I have written here, everything I have created, has relied on you sitting in front of your computer or reading on your mobile phone.

This is the opposite to the life I want to live. How about you?

Do you want to be glued to a device, looking for inspiration? Or do you want to grab life – real life – by its shoulders and embrace the hell out of it?

That is a genuine, judgement-free question. Please feel free to answer it – both for your own benefit and mine.

I think too many of us lose too many hours by not being present. We miss those tiny moments, those small beauties, the everyday miracles because we’re simply not paying attention. I don’t want to be part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution.

I want us to put down the phone, switch off the monitor and embrace the hell out of life.

So with that in mind, I am taking a brief and necessary break. Or brake, as it were.

I’m pulling back and recalibrating. I just need a moment between to soak up the tiny beauties we pass by too frequently.

Maybe you’d like to do the same?

Let’s meet back here in a week. OK?



What is Your Legacy?

What's Your Legacy? Go make it happen.

September is the Month of Memories in the 2013 in 2013 Declutter Challenge (checklist coming soon!) And we will be tackling the sometimes difficult areas of sentimental items, photographs, knick-knacks, souvenirs, hand-me-downs and keepsakes.

We all have them, we all hold on to things for a variety of (good and not-so-good) reasons, and we all would like some way to make it easier to let go.

As I’ve been creating the checklist for September, I was reminded of a post I wrote at the beginning of the year. In it I ask, “What legacy will you leave behind?” And I think it, and the accompanying story about Jane’s mum, should be required reading before we dive into the sometimes tricky task of decluttering memories and sentimental items.

What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

No-one enjoys considering their own death. But just for a moment, just one uncomfortable moment, ask yourself:

If you died tomorrow, what legacy would your loved ones have in your place?

  • Cupboards and boxes and sheds full of useless stuff for them to sort through?
  • Debt for them to repay?
  • Years of paperwork for them to make sense of?
  • Decades of keepsakes and knick-knacks that lost their significance under a thick layer of dust?
  • Memories of hectic weekends, multiple social engagements and television dinners?

I know my family would receive a legacy of disorganised papers, memories of me being “too busy” to push them on the swing and a fondness for staying home – even when the weather is beautiful outside.

Do you know what we can leave behind instead?

  • Fond memories – playing with your kids, snuggling with your partner, laughing with your friends.
  • The gift of self-assurance and inner-strength that comes from knowing these same people were loved.
  • Hearts full of experiences – from travel, to people, places and culture.
  • Savings to help them establish a secure home as adults.
  • A compassionate heart.
  • Depth of character.

And if you let your mind expand beyond your loved ones, to the ever-widening circles spreading out from them, you could leave behind:

world that values experiences over stuff.

world that values justice over injustice.

world that values love over hate.

world that values compassion over greed.

Can you imagine the world our great-great-great grandkids might live in if we left that legacy?

I know it sounds fanciful. Naive even. But it begins somewhere. Why not with me?

Why not with you?


So as we dive into the difficult task of decluttering sentimental items over the next few weeks, ask yourself what it is that you’re really leaving behind.