Create a Simpler Home in 2014

Letting Go and Holding On (via Slow Your Home)

What do you dream of for 2014?

  • Less stress?
  • Less debt?
  • Less anxiety?
  • More time?
  • More space?
  • More contentment?

I asked myself the same question two years ago and decided I wanted to create a simpler home.

I wanted a clutter-free home that was easy to live in, easy to keep clean and easy to keep organised. I wanted a home that worked for us, rather than a home we worked constantly to keep up with.

Over the past two years I have worked through our home, decluttering, simplifying, paring back and figuring out what matters. And now I’m starting to feel the benefits. We feel content, less inclined to compare ourselves to others, and we’re having more siestas.

This year, I have put together a free, downloadable guidebook to help you do exactly the same thing.

After creating the  2012 in 2012 Declutter Challenge and seeing just how effective it could be to challenge myself, I created a much bigger Decluttering Challenge last year. And as 2013 drew to a close, I had many emails from people asking about 2014. I knew I wanted to continue the challenge, after seeing such huge changes in so many people’s lives, but I wanted to do something a little different.

So this year I have created a free month-by-month guidebook to take you through the challenge of decluttering 2014 items in 2014. Each chapter outlines the tasks for the coming month, as well as tips and advice on how best to tackle the tasks. You will also find links to additional resources on many of the topics, in case you need additional inspiration!

You can download your free copy of the guidebook right here

EMBARRASSED NOTE: Due to some, ah, technical difficulties, this current version of the guidebook only goes up to the end of June. I will be updating it with the full version over the next few days, but in the meantime, feel free to grab a copy of Part One and get going on the Challenge.

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  1. Awesome quote to kick off the year! Am looking forward to looking thru your guide book. I have been decluttering for 3+ years but there is still plenty to be rid of.

  2. Is joining the Facebook page a requirement to participate? I am not on Facebook….this is one of my ways to slow down and declutter my life LOL!

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