The 2015 Simple Living Handbooks

The 2015 Simple Living Handbooks - Free

We might be closing in on the end of February (when did that happen?) but it’s never too late to think about what you want your year to be. If you haven’t already, ask yourself what you want to see when you stand at the end of 2015 and look back.

Last year I wrote the 2014 in 2014 Declutter Handbook to help people see a simpler, slower home at the end of the year and over 6,000 people did just that. Many of them decluttered tens of thousands of items from their homes and created the simpler, slower lives they were craving.

As 2014 drew to a close, I had many requests for a 2015 challenge that would help participants extend their efforts to simplify life. I didn’t want to offer the same challenge again to those who had already completed it but I also didn’t want to ignore new participants and their need to start at the beginning.

While it may be a little later than I’d hoped, the 2015 Simple Living Handbooks (Stages One and Two) have landed.

This is the first time I’ve split the Simple Living Handbook (previously known as the 2014 in 2014 Annual Declutter Challenge) into two separate resources. 

Stage One has been written for those just beginning the journey into simpler, slower living and who need guidance in starting and maintaining their simplifying and decluttering efforts.

It is a month-by-month guidebook that leads you through decluttering all major areas of your home. Completing this book and the checklists and exercises included will change your home from one of overwhelming clutter to one of clutter-free calm.

The chapters we cover in the Stage One Handbook are:

  • Baby Steps
  • Utility Spaces
  • Paper Clutter
  • Bedrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Kitchen
  • Big Jobs
  • Living Spaces
  • Memories
  • Change
  • Consolidation
  • Celebration

Stage Two has been designed for those who are ready to go further in their simplifying efforts. Maybe you already have a very good handle on the ‘stuff’ side of simplifying or have been actively decluttering for some time and feel ready to focus on other areas of your home and life.

This is also a month-by-month guidebook with checklists and exercises for each area we cover. But rather than focus only on the physical side of simplifying, Stage 2 looks at:

  • Finding your Why
  • Revisiting Clutter
  • Emotional and Aspirational Clutter
  • Establishing Rhythms
  • Creating Simple Systems for your Home
  • Adding, Not Subtracting
  • Simplify you Food
  • Green Cleaning
  • Green Living
  • Slowing Down and Moving More
  • Social Media
  • Comparisons
  • Digital Life
  • Mindful Holidays

(Please note, the complete Stage 2 Handbook will be released in March. For now, you can download the first seven chapters.)

If you’re in doubt as to which handbook you need, I suggest you start with Stage One and ensure you have the basics of simplifying on lockdown. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past 4 years of simple living, it’s that the entire process is anything but straightforward, so you really want to have your ducks in a row before moving on to the next stage.

So, welcome to 2015! Is this the year you create a simpler, slower home?

Go ahead and download your copy here:

The 2015 Simple Living Handbook: Stage 1

The 2015 Simple Living Handbook: Stage 2

It’s free. It’s really good. And it’s going to help you get started on the road to a simpler, slower – regardless of where or what time of the year you begin.

21 Responses to The 2015 Simple Living Handbooks

  1. Thank you for book 2. Although initial decisions & actions are important, most simplifying books never move forward to the next phase, kinda like a diet book not addressing the maintenance phase to folks who have shed excess weight. I am looking forward to the “know your why” and the “addition” sections. The part I’ve read about rediscovering/uncovering old dreams after decluttering rings true for me. Big hug to you

  2. I’m so happy to have found your blog and I must say, both my husband and I are amazed that you spend so much of your time and talent on this space and everything you make, create, write is free… all your advice, your ebooks, everything. What a rare and generous soul you are and I want to personally thank you for it.

    • Let me correct myself… I know that you have the ONE paying book on here, but still all the rest of it, the amount of free information, it is extremely worth thanking you for it.

  3. Thanks so much for the handbooks…I know lots of time and energy go into these and to supply them to others for free is very generous and much appreciated. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Thanks Brooke for these, I’ve downloaded part 2 and it looks great, looking forward to working my way through it. I feel like I’ve done nothing but declutter and tidy for the first four weeks since school started, and finally today things are reasonably tidy. But I know there’s heaps more clutter to move. After years of decluttering I feel like this is the year I do it a bit more drastically. Your guide will really help. Love your blog.

  5. Thanks so much. I really appreciate being able to read these guides for daily inspiration and to help me stay on track. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Brooke. I’ll use these guides as a reference as I declutter. I think I downloaded these in a previous year but wasn’t at a place to stick with it and make much headway. This year I feel like I’m at a place where I can be consistent – blogging about it helps! I appreciate the caring and encouraging tone of your blog.

  7. Thank you. I am working my way through phase 2 and really appreciate your insights on refining the process of decluttering and emotionally detaching from sentimental items.

  8. Going to be a special porch in Heaven for you to rest and other unselfish people like you. On to stage 2. Thanks so much.

  9. I was just wondering if you have completed the stage 2 handbook yet. I’m ready for more and I love your stuff. :)