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Rhonda Hetzel on living a simple life – SHP019

Episode 19 with Rhonda Hetzel - The Slow Home Podcast I have been excitedly sitting on today’s episode for over a month now and am so stoked to finally share it with you! In this episode I chat with Rhonda Hetzel, the much-loved godmother of slow, simple living in both Australia and around the world. Rhonda is the author of two hugely popular books on creating a slower, simpler home and has an incredible amount of wisdom to share. We look at her personal journey and talk about those first years as she started to shift her family’s lifestyle away from excessive consumption, busy-ness and stress. We also dig into her advice for those of us just beginning the process. It was really fascinating to look back at Rhonda’s story, because when we see someone who is living their slow dream, it’s hard to imagine they ever lived in a different way. I loved how open Rhonda was to sharing her journey and personally learnt a lot about the power of simply being patient with the process. The truth is, we all need to start somewhere, and if you’re looking for some gentle encouragement on your own slow living journey, this the the perfect place to begin. Enjoy!


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Jeff Sandquist on the collector’s gene – SHP018

Episode 18 of The Slow Home Podcast, featuring Jeff Sanquist. We chat about comic books, the collectors gene and why experiences are better than things.

Before I get in to today’s most excellent episode of The Slow Home Podcast, I just wanted to take a minute to say a huge thank you for your support, kind words, emails, messages and comments over the past couple of days. I’ve been completely floored by your response to my stepping back from the blog and feel super lucky to have such an incredible community here.

If you’ve sent me an email, please know that I will get back to you – it just might take me a little bit to get through them all. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. xx


How does a comic book collector (and I’m talking serious collector with thousands of comics, DVDs and action figures) become a minimalist? And what causes such a big change?

Today I chat with Jeff Sandquist, who used to be a legitimate collector before adopting minimalism. He had thousands of books, which he’d been collecting and keeping in mint condition since his teens, until he decided to simply stop and let go of it all.

In this episode Jeff and I talk about what actually caused such a huge one-eighty and how hard it was to turn his back on a passion that had been part of his life for over a decade.

We also nerd out a tiny little bit on comics (particularly The Walking Dead) but even that conversation has some insights into slow living which were kind of unexpected.

Enjoy listening to Jeff’s story (and a little bit of nerdery thrown in to the mix).


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You’ll Hear About:

  • The huge number of comic books, DVDs and action figures Jeff had collected over the years
  • Why Jeff happily valued collecting physical possessions instead of life experiences
  • His complete one-eighty and what caused it
  • The collector’s gene and what it means for those of us wanting to live a simpler life
  • The unexpected slow living lesson to be learnt in reading comic books.

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The Slow Walk


Over the past couple of weeks, I stepped back from the online world. I went 10 days without checking emails and over two weeks without posting to the blog or social media.

And, somewhat surprisingly, the world didn’t stop spinning.

The world didn’t stop spinning, but my head certainly did.

And do you know what I realised? I’ve shifted so far away from my personal philosophies that I hardly recognise myself.

Back in the day, before my breakdown, before I closed my business, before I discovered the delight of living a simpler, slower life, I used to rush everywhere.

Everything was hurried and harried. I was never off. I was never at peace. I could never sit and watch a movie without checking my email. I couldn’t enjoy playing with my daughter without feeling like there was something more important to do.

While I was offline these past two weeks I realised I had become that hurried, harried, disengaged person again.

Ironically, writing, blogging, podcasting, teaching, tweeting and Facebooking about slow and simple living has made my life fast-paced, hectic and far too complicated.

Previous to this offline break, I can’t remember the last time I was able to fully disconnect from work and be present in my day to day life. What’s more, it happened so gradually that I wasn’t even aware of it until now.

So I’ve come to a difficult, but ultimately positive decision: I’m stepping back and making some big changes.

That means I’ll be closing The Bloom at the end of August (members, all details are in the email I sent on Friday) and aside from show notes for the podcast, I won’t be posting here regularly.

Instead, I’m going to spend the rest of 2015 focusing on the podcast and our in-person Slow Living events, while reclaiming the slower, simpler life we’ve worked so hard for. (I’ll also be sending an exclusive article to newsletter subscribers once a month.)

I need to re-engage with my priorities. I need to let my ego go. I need to stop thinking that success and importance come from busyness. I need to simplify.

I can’t, in good conscience, talk about the benefits of living a slow, intentional life if behind the scenes I’m living in a way that is anything but. That’s hypocritical and it’s doing everyone a disservice.

The truth is, living a slower, more intentional life means making hard choices and tough decisions. It means saying no to things I want to do now in order to say yes to things I really want in the future. 

This has not been an easy decision, which is why I can tell you it’s the right one.

I also want to tell you how much your support, kind words, emails, messages, comments and encouragement has meant to me over the past 4+ years. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being part of this community and thank you for your support and your understanding.

Here’s to walking the slow walk.




Kristen Ottaway on films that will change your life – SHP017

The Slow Home Podcast Episode 17 with Kristen Ottaway - Films that will change your life.

I’m always fascinated to see the unintentional themes that pop up in my podcast interviews, and one of the most frequent has been the idea of community and how it plays a huge part in living a slower, more intentional life.

Today’s guest is Kristen Ottaway, a health and well being advocate based in Brisbane, who has created a community of like-minded people through her business, Inspired Living Events, where she runs documentary screenings to help inspire people to change the way they live.

Honestly, aside from the fabulous conversation, this episode is worth a listen just for the film recommendations!

When I initially contacted Kristen to appear on the show, she questioned whether her life was actually slow or simple enough to qualify, but as you’ll hear, she’s made huge changes over the past few years and is now living a significantly slower, simpler life than she even had recognised.

We chat about how that happened – how she got out of debt, downsized, started a business and created a community of like-minded people who have been instrumental in her making and maintaining big changes in her life.



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You’ll Hear About:

  • The book that changed Kristen’s life
  • What slow living is and why Kristen thought her life didn’t qualify
  • How she and her family got out of debt and completely turned life around
  • The huge role that community has in helping Kristen not to feel alone in her choices and ideas
  • Kristen’s most excellent film and book recommendations.

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Big Picture

Have faith in the big picture >> Slow Your Home

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep our eye on the big picture. Sometimes it’s hard not to get bogged down in the grind of day to day. Sometimes the small, consistent steps required to make big progress feel too small and too insignificant.

Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes we lose sight of our why.

You know that giving your kids boundaries will hold them in good stead. But it’s hard to see that when your 4 year-old has a meltdown at the shop because he can’t have the dinosaur toy he desperately wants because he saw it just now and he didn’t know it existed until three seconds ago but it’s most definitely the best thing ever and if you get it for him he will never ask for another thing everinhiswholelifeplease.

You know that eating a wide variety of healthy, unprocessed food and being active every day is good for your body and mind, and you know it will serve you well as you get older. But it’s hard to see that when you really do want that extra piece of cake and you really don’t want to get out of bed and go for a run.

You know that saving your money and not buying that fourth pair of skinny jeans is good for the bank balance, which in turn is good for the house/holiday/car you’re saving for. But it’s hard to see that when you really want to keep up with fashion trends and, seriously, they’re on sale! It’s like I’m saving money by buying them!

So today I’m telling you (and myself) to have faith in the big picture.

Have faith in the fact that these steps, these choices, these decisions that leave you wondering, “What’s the point?” continue to move you towards the big picture.

And that big picture? It won’t look like you’re imagining. The future never does, because once you arrive you’ve already experienced all the hard work that went into creating it. And that doesn’t seem as magical as when it’s viewed from afar.

And while it might not be magical, it will feel amazing because you will have earned it with your small, consistent steps and your faith that they were making a difference.

Everything you do makes a difference. Don’t forget that.