Courtney Carver on heart-centred living and soulful simplicity

Oliver Cole Today’s episode is such a treat. Courtney Carver was one of the first ever guests on the show (Episode 10 – it feels like a lifetime and five minutes ago at the same time!) and in today’s episode she returns to share her very personal story and get deep into the importance of love and honesty and vulnerability and rediscovering of ourselves on the way to a simpler life. So often the idea of simplifying life is presented in a fairly dogmatic, unemotional way. Initially the focus is on stuff and the process of letting it go, then the focus moves to habit changes or health or food, and then it shifts to mental wellbeing or environmental awareness. Very rarely does it begin with soul, and hardly ever is it shaped (in the beginning at least) by love. But in this conversation and in Courtney’s wonderful new book, Soulful Simplicity, love is absolutely everywhere. It’s sprinkled throughout each story and lesson learnt, and it’s love that Courtney returns to every time. I loved every second of this conversation. Courtney is so open and warm and honest, and this chat, and Courtney’s book, reflect that wholly. We talk a lot about what it means to share fully and honestly some of the hardest lessons learnt throughout our simplifying processes, as well as the discovery of self throughout the process. We also talk about the headwork and heartwork required by the re-making of self, which is so often ignored while we pursue the physical work of removing the clutter and excess from our lives. But it’s that deep work that really requires prolonged effort, and Courtney talks specifically about her non-negotiables that provide her with the health, strength and presence of mind required t actually do the work. This is such a love-filled, soul-centred conversation that I feel so grateful to have had. Be sure to check out the awesome pre-order bonuses for Courtney’s book, Soulful Simplicity, here. Enjoy!


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  1. I really enjoyed this one with Courtney Carver. I find it so interesting to see how the practice of “minimalism” evolves into so much more (no pun intended). I’m looking forward to reading Courtney’s book. Thanks for sharing the story.

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