Kelly Exeter on white space and deliberate inefficiency – SHP021

Kelly Exeter on white space and deliberate inefficiencies - SHP021

A few months ago, Ben was reading a blog post from today’s podcast guest Kelly Exeter. He stopped and looked at me and said, “So…you and Kelly are pretty much the same person?”

And it’s true – we have a very similar world view and her story is incredibly close to my own. I absolutely loved the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about life, family and learning to slow down, because as similar as we are, Kelly’s daily life is significantly different to mine.

After last week’s episode, where we dipped in to the realities of slow living while working full-time, this chat comes at a great time. Kelly and her husband both work full-time so we’re able to talk about how slow living fits in to a family that includes two full-time working parents.

We also talk about the anxiety and depression that forced her to slow down, why she now builds deliberate inefficiencies into her day, the myth of finding work/life balance and the “traffic light system” that allows her to decide whether she’s doing life well over time.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout this episode and I think you’re going to love it.



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You’ll Hear About:

  • Kelly’s journey from exhausted, stressed and emotionally spent, to intentional and content
  • The importance of white space in our days and lives
  • Why Kelly now builds deliberate inefficiencies into her day and what the benefits are of doing so
  • The impact ego has on our ability to slow down and say no
  • How the desire to be universally liked played into Kelly’s exhaustion, anxiety and depression
  • The myth of work/life balance
  • The traffic light system of analysing how you’re doing life
  • Perfectionism and whether it’s a force for good or bad
  • Finding the non-negotiables in life and living in accordance with them
  • Whether it’s possible for a family with both parents working full time to achieve a slower, simpler way of life.

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7 Responses to Kelly Exeter on white space and deliberate inefficiency – SHP021

  1. Another interesting episode. I was quite inspired by the discussion on ‘saying no’, which is a struggle I can very much relate to. It’s so easy to want to say yes to so many interesting ideas and opportunities, but then so easy also to end up with no ‘white space’ at all. As someone said in a comment about a previous podcast, this podcast can help reinforce changes we’re trying to implement, like not taking on too much. I also found the discussion in this podcast of ‘work-life balance’ quite interesting and surprising. I guess maybe it’s about accepting that, at times, work will dominate and at other times family and other times hobbies, friends and interests, rather than getting carried away with trying to have a ‘balance’ all the time. I regularly check a list of things that I want to have time for outside of work, and consider whether I do feel I have enough time for them (including sleep, socialising, cooking, exercise, relaxation etc). Lots of food for thought here!

  2. Brooke, your podcast is my mid-week treat – never has failed to re-energize me, slow me down, and inspire me to try something new. And this week was no exception. Lots of wonderful nuggets. Thank you, Brooke and Kelly. xoxo

  3. Brooke & Ben, I’ve been binge listening to your podcasts for the past 2 months initially starting with your recent ones and then went back to the beginning, this podcast has been my favourite. I already felt I’d found some new friends, people that I really resonated with but add Kelly Exeter in and wow I just relate so closely to everything you discussed. I love laughing along everyday as I start of my slow/simple journey! Thanks for your podcast and thanks Kelly too!