Top 10 of 2017

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash Welcome to the final episode of 2017! This year has challenged, inspired and rewarded us in ways we never thought possible, and we were going to do a year in review style episode to round things out. But, honestly, I’m tired of talking about the big picture stuff right now (you can tell the end of the year is close!) so we decided to keep it light and fun and talk about our Top 10 for 2017. We’re experiencing a lot of mixed emotions in our house at the moment, as we finish up the school year and have started to experience that nostalgic appreciation for a place – you know the one you get when you know you’re leaving soon? So we kick of the Top 10 by keeping it pretty light, listing our favourite TV shows, small details and movies of the year. We then move on to our favourite new destinations, books (featuring a suspicious amount of Stephen King, no surprises there) and discovery of the year. Then it’s on to favourite album, new podcast, meal and last of all, favourite experience of 2017. We both feel incredibly fortunate for all the great things that have happened this year (and there really has been a lot) and also talk a little bit about the intention or feeling we’re each looking to cultivate in the new year. If you want to host your own private year in review party, here’s the full list of the Top 10 categories of 2017. Let us know what your favourites were:
  • TV show
  • small detail
  • movie
  • new destination
  • book
  • discovery
  • album
  • new podcast
  • meal
  • favourite experience of 2017
And that is that for 2017. As we mention in the show, the Summer Series kicks of next Thursday, and every week in January we’ll be revisiting one of our most popular episodes of 2017. Whether you’re listening in for the first time or revisiting some of your old favourites, this is a nice opportunity to dig a little deeper for the gems our guests have offered this year. Then, on February 1st we’ll be back on deck with all new episodes. As we mentioned in the last hostful, we’re shifting back to a once-a-week publishing schedule next year, so new shows will be released every Thursday. Good news though – the experiments will be back! The first one is in March, and we’re pretty excited about it. Before I turn on my auto-responder and get out of here for a couple of weeks of unplugged down-time, I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has listened to the poggie, left a comment or a review, shared an episode, joined us on Facebook, bought a book, come to an event, sent an email or a message, or otherwise become part of our amazing crew of slow living people. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a great group, and want you to know how much you mean to us. It fills my heart to know there are so many people out there looking to slow down, simplify and live a more purposeful life – 2017 is the year I really found my crew, and I’m so grateful. I also want to wish you all a happy, wonderful, restful holidays. It’s been a year of ups and downs for a lot of us and I know we’re all feeling tired. I hope there’s an extra hour of sleep on the cards for those of you who need it, or maybe some time spent in nature (snow, sun or surf – depending on the location!). I wish for you a peaceful New Year too, with a little time for reflection. 2018 is just around the corner and I’m excited to see what she holds for all of us. In the meantime, sending you all the love. Brooke and Ben xx


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  1. I think an awesome experiment would be for Ben and Brooke going on a day date 2 times per month when the kiddos are in school. (If the kiddos are back in school?) I homeschool, so this is somewhat of a pipe dream for me. This was a fun episode! Cheers!

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