Finally! An hostful update from the road

Welcome to this week’s fast’n’loose hostful poggie (yes, it has been a while between our Q&A episodes – thank you for noticing!) In this week’s show we get through what must be a record number of your questions, on everything from slow living in fast cities to travelling on a budget. A big thank you to everyone who submitted their thoughtful questions – knowing what you’re struggling with, what you need more of (and what you need less of) is so important because it helps us to create a show that helps and that speaks to the real challenges you’re facing. It’s not necessarily easy to ask questions and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate it. A lot. Today’s episode kicks off with a question from a listener who lives in Mumbai, who asks how they can preserve their energy while living in such a fast-paced place. I talk about the power of mindful micro-moments throughout the day to help you step out of the chaos and into the tiny details, while Ben talks about the replenishing effects of spending time in green spaces in cities, harking back to the nature Slow Experiment earlier this year. In a similar vein, the next question is about ways to get out of your head (not that I’d know anything about that of course *cough cough*) other than meditation. As someone who relates very well with this question I share two of my favourite strategies for this: brain dumping and the body scan. Later in the episode I also share what resources I use to meditate, for anyone searching for an app to use. Then it’s on to a bunch of travel-related questions. We talk about what we’re cooking and eating on the road (spoiler alert: their meals are “not setting the world on fire”, according to Ben), the oven foods they miss the most (strong contender for question of the episode), how the kids are going with school and being on the move so much and how to travel when you’re on a budget. We move on to a super dorky throwback to answer the question of how we met, and finish up by answering a couple more cracking questions about dealing with waste and what we’re currently learning about. We both answer these ones completely honestly, sharing some of the challenges we’re facing as we travel, as well as the juicy topics that are sparking our interest right now. I guess the takeaway from this entire episode is that life is rich and varied and ever-changing. And that you guys ask the best questions. Thank you for making us think and learn and improve. We love you.


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2 Responses to Finally! An hostful update from the road

  1. Wonderful foto! Thanks for all you do and safe travels to the family. I am hoping you can make it to Southern California on your tour. Kind regards, J

  2. Thank you Brooke and Ben for your awesome podcast. I’ve been listening for a few years now. I really enjoyed this particular episode had have been trying to get my half hour in nature every day and have been using the Insight meditations daily and love them – the chakra Tibetan bowl chants are a really good way to have a really deep sleep.