3 Ways to Healthify Your Lunches at Home

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I quite love going to the dentist. So much so that I often turn up early.

Yep. I’m one eager beaver.

The reason for my enthusiasm? Magazines. Specifically, being able to sit, uninterrupted and read a magazine. Cover to cover.

Yeah, you know you’re a parent when…

But it was during a recent waiting-room reading session that I came across a study that said 80% of adults did not eat the recommended minimum of five serves of vegies every day. And it didn’t surprise me. I know there are many days I fit in to that category.

Usually it’s because we’re leaving all our vegie-eating until dinner time. Which means it’s nearly impossible to eat enough of the good stuff. So we really need to try to have at least two of those vegie serves at lunch.

Here are three simple, cheap, healthy ways for us who stay or work at home to boost our vegie intake every day. And there’s not a soggy salad in sight:

Quinoa and Vegetable Patties

These patties are delicious, healthy and filling. And best thing, you can make a big batch of the mix on a Sunday and keep it in the fridge, frying up a few patties each day. Or (and this is what we do – it’s easier) cook up the entire batch and keep them in the fridge, reheating for lunch.

Bonus: You can add lots of different veges to the mix. Last time I added shredded brussel sprouts and kale, grated zucchini and spring onions. Just adjust the egg/breadcrumbs as needed.


Sauteed Greens, Mushrooms and Brown Rice

Cook up a big batch of brown rice on Sunday and keep it in the fridge. Reheat ½ to 1 cup per person, as needed.

Add a nob of butter, some crushed garlic and ginger to a hot frypan. Then add a handful of sliced mushrooms and two or three handfuls of greens. (Try baby spinach, shredded silverbeet, kale and snow peas). Sautee for a few minutes, then add to the rice.

A splash of soy sauce and chilli sauce on top, and it’s ready to go.

Super healthy, super tasty and ready in five minutes. Perfect!


Green Smoothies

Despite their appearance, these are delicious and an awesome way to boost your raw vege intake. The recipe below is per person.

Add to your blender:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 2-3 handfuls of leafy green (baby spinach and bok choy are nice and mild. Kale is delicious and silver beet or spinach are good options)
  • 2-3 cubes of ice
  • splash of water
  • splash pure cranberry juice

Blend for a minute and enjoy!

Adding flaxseed oil, chlorophyll and LSA mix will boost the sticking power, taking you through to dinner time, with no trouble.

Do you have any easy, quick lunch-time recipes that boost your vege intake? I’d love to hear them!

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