Rebecca Shann Talks Simplicity – SHP003

The Slow Home Podcast Episode 3 - Rebecca Shann

We’re halfway through our epic launch week, and in this episode I get the opportunity to chat with Rebecca Shann, a writer, photographer, gardener and permaculture designer.

Bec is someone I connected with via Instagram a couple of years ago, as I was immediately drawn to both the incredible photos of her vegetable garden as well as her philosophy on living a simpler life. I knew we would hit it off immediately, even though this was the first time she and I have ever actually spoken!

We talk about her journey from corporate, suburban life to living in a tiny home and running a thriving market garden, as well as the benefits of slowing down and paying attention.



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What You’ll Hear About in Today’s Episode:

  • The questions Bec asked herself before making the move from the suburbs to the country
  • What it is about simple living that appealed in the first place
  • The completely chilled out way Bec begins her days

Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

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6 Responses to Rebecca Shann Talks Simplicity – SHP003

  1. Dear Brooke,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. To hear Your voice and the stories on the podcast makes it even more fun! Great Job! Thanks so much for beeing an inspiration…

    Justyna (Germany/Poland)

    p.s. Canada is also my favorite place in the world :-)

  2. Brooke, your podcasts are fab! I love this interview with Think Big Live Simply. So inspiring to listen to people who are really living their dream and following what’s important, especially being sustainable and minimising our impact.

    Thank you both for this!

  3. Wow. That was such a good conversation. So inspiring.
    Also thx for the reminder that social media does a lot of good. I have recently greatly reduced who I follow and am intentional about it.

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