Simple city living with Rachel Jonat – SHP030

Simple city living with Rachel Jonat

Many people dream of making the shift from hectic city life to somewhere slower paced, and I can’t help but feel this has become the expected move for those adopting a simpler life.

But it totally doesn’t need to be the case. Today I chat with Rachel Jonat who has just moved her family of five from The Isle of Man (a relatively small and remote island in the Irish Sea) back to inner-city Vancouver, and life is just as, if not more simple now.

Cities have a whole lot going for them when it comes to slow living, and today we talk about the benefits of living in a city as opposed to a small community. But we also look at the down sides to living in an expensive city like Vancouver (or Sydney!) and what changes can be made to make the expense less impactful.

Rachel and I also talk about minimalism-lite and how it plays out with three young boys, why she loves over-the-top birthday parties and what her world-champion rowing career taught her about living a non-conventional life.

There was lots for me to think about after this conversation – particularly about things like fear, failure, experimenting and honesty – and I really hope you get as much from it as I did!


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10 Responses to Simple city living with Rachel Jonat – SHP030

  1. This was my most favourite podcast to date. I appreciated the discussion on fear, confidence and failure, and also about the birthday parties and apartment living. Most of all it was inspiring and refreshing to hear a mom admit she doesn’t enjoy doing crafts w the kids and doesn’t want to do themed birthday parties. I also take the kids to the library for crafts but at the same time I was harbouring a slight guilt for not being an “artful parent.” I’ve done themed birthdays and my son loves planning these with me but I don’t do themed parties for my daughter or not as “themed” because she doesn’t really seem to care either way! Great chat!

  2. Really looking forward to listening to this, I save up your podcasts for when I am painting furniture/cleaning etc. for a distraction. I’ve been reading Minimalist Mom for a while now and enjoy reading her take on life.

  3. Even though my child is grown, I enjoyed the podcast. I related to much of the pressures you are experiencing as moms. Maybe following this up with a visit with a mom who has been there, treated her children and sent them off would be great. There is much wisdom in the process and sometimes more after the process. Certainly there are many failures, wishes, regrets,but wonderful triumphs and successes to share!
    I’m proud of you both for blazing your own trails.

  4. I had just listened to this episode, and can not describe how wonderful it had been. So many core issues, discussed in such a simple and honest way.
    If i had only been an English speaker I would have probably been writing a long long letter. But since i’m not, i’ll just say a short and simple “Things” and go to recommend and link to this episode.
    Thanks :-)

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