There’s no doubt life can be fast. Often too fast. Too much. Too stressful. Too overwhelming. On days like that we will tell ourselves there’s no time to slow down. We’re too busy, too stressed, too over-worked to waste time.

But there’s always time for a little slow, even on the busiest day, and if you don’t think you have time for five minutes of slow, then you really will benefit from it.

After all, the average adult will spend:

  • 8 minutes a day complaining about bad service
  • 120+ minutes a day scrolling social media
  • up to 240 minutes a day watching TV

What would happen if you took five of those minutes and instead chose slow – every day, for a year? If you chose to turn any task, any moment, any experience into a slow moment? If you gave yourself permission to slow down and pay attention?

Why not find out and join us in saying no to endless rushing, and yes to a moment of paying attention. Yes to a moment of peace. Yes to a moment of slow. Every day, for a year.

How to Join in:

  1. Say yes.
  2. Set a daily reminder.
  3. Choose a part of your day to go slow. Use a suggestion listed on the PDF or choose something else. Whatever works for you.
  4. Find peace in slow.


  • Download a copy of the 365 Days of Slow PDF and use it for motivation and to track your progress
  • Share your #365daysofslow moment (once you’re finished, obvs!) on Instagram

Drop your email address in the box below and you’ll receive the 365 Days of Slow PDF, which includes a list of suggestions for how to spend your five minutes of slow a day, as well as a slightly dorky/sweet/helpful progress tracker.

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Why five minutes?

Because life gets busy, and sometimes our grand vision of ‘slow living’ might seem unattainable. We might not have time for a yoga class or 30 minutes of meditation. Our knitting project is gathering dust or our garden is choked with weeds. It’s OK. This year-long experiment is designed to show us that slowing down is accessible to us all, in even the busiest times. It’s designed to give us permission to take one small step every day, and to take pride in our decision to prioritise slow.

Do I need to share? 

Definitely not, and particularly not if the idea of sharing means you’re less likely to do it. This isn’t about creating perfect flat-lays or sharing deep thoughts every day, this is for you. Sharing an occasional snap over on Instagram is just a nice way to spread the slow living love. (And if you’re curious, I won’t be sharing a daily post. That’s too much commitment for me!)

What if I miss a day? 

Then you’ll be like all the rest of us! Welcome to the club of people who’ve decided that good enough really is good enough. What I think might happen though, is that after a couple of months of daily slow, it will become second nature to find a moment’s peace in amidst the hectic and you’ll be slowing down throughout the day without having to actively remind yourself.