What is Slow Living, Anyway? SHP004

What is Slow Living Anyway? Episode 4 of The Slow Home Podcast

Episode 4 of massive launch week for The Slow Home Podcast, and this is the first of two solo shows. It’s just me, you, my mic and some thoughts on slow living.

In today’s episode I dig in to what I mean when I talk about slow living. That is, what do proponents of slow living actually do differently, what is important and what isn’t important. I also round out the show with a list of 9 massive benefits of slowing down and living a simpler life.

Grab a cup of something and enjoy. (And please let me know what you think of the solo show as opposed to the interviews. I’m learning about this whole podcasting thing in a very public way so any feedback you may have would be gratefully accepted.)


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • What I mean when I talk about ‘slow living’
  • Why I think anyone can benefit from slowing down, in spite of the fast-paced busy-ness we experience on a daily basis
  • The nine massive benefits I’ve experienced from creating a slower life:
    • Acceptance
    • Clarity
    • Clutter-Free
    • Gratitude
    • Health
    • Presence
    • Relationships
    • Generosity
    • Joy

Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

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7 Responses to What is Slow Living, Anyway? SHP004

  1. Hi Brooke, I am really enjoying the podcasts so far and cant wait to download this one. Just wanted to let you know that they are really going down well! It’s so nice to hear an Australian accent. Some of the questions you have asked your guests so far have been spot on the mark- and I didn’t really even realise I was wondering about the same things until you asked! Thanks from over here in WA :) xx Emily

  2. Hi Brooke
    Enjoying sitting and listening to your podcasts with a massive cup of tea…This week has been very thought provoking thank you.
    Been on this road for several years but it now has a name and seems much straighter ☺
    Your choice of music at the beginning and end is very tinkly and just right for the podcast.
    Jan x

  3. Hi Brooke, just wanted to pop in to say, loving these podcasts, and the sound of your voice is lovely. Very soothing. I’m equally happy if you’re interviewing someone, or just chatting away yourself. I came across your blog after attending The Minimalists Sydney talk last year, and have gleaned lots more simplified thoughts and practical suggestions from you since. Thank you xo

  4. thank you for sharing your insights on how to practice slow living. i’m starting to practice slow living and your podcast gives great tips!

  5. Hi Brooke, I really liked what you said near the end about having the choice to be slow in any given moment. I have moved to a much slower lifestyle over the last year. However, I hate to say this, I am kind of busy due to a convergence of some family stuff and some very exciting volunteer opportunities. Generally I am good at avoiding being busy but alas not so much this month. The thing is being busy now sends me into a bit of panic. But what you said about choosing to be slow in any given moment gives me great hope. I will keep this in mind when I start to feel myself winding up over the next few weeks and remember to take a few breathes and to think slow. Thanks.