Happiness and habits with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin on happiness and habits - Episode 44 of The Slow Home Podcast

This interview has been a long time coming (thanks, technology!) but I can tell you it was absolutely worth the wait.

In this ridiculously enlightening episode, I chat with Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best-selling author of Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home.

This show starts out as any other – a regular conversation – in this instance, about happiness and habits and the changes Gretchen is most proud of in her own life. But somewhere around the middle it shifts into something different… A personalised habits counselling session, as Gretchen digs into why I’m so inclined to take on too many projects and burn out (in a big way).

We also discuss the Four Tendencies of Habits, and why that means I’m less likely to do a morning yoga class by myself, but far more likely to turn up if Ben joins me.

This is such a fun conversation with plenty of insight into why we do and don’t find making changes easy. And for anyone looking to make a shift towards a slower, simpler life, there are plenty of tips and tricks from Gretchen to help you make those changes as seamlessly as possible.

Also, in light of the #slowhomeexperiment, Gretchen has some killer insight into why some changes stick while others fall by the way, so if you’re giving up sugar along with Ben and I this February, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

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12 Responses to Happiness and habits with Gretchen Rubin

  1. About to listen to the Rubin ‘pogpast’ (super excited as I started reading ‘Happier at Home’ almost 2 weeks ago!) and have finally made a pledge over on the patreon page… how do you put a price on inspiration and practical advice which is actually, very slowly, transforming your life… into something more meaningful, intentional, enjoyable, cope-able (is that even a word!)… anyway after much internal debate and deliberation I decided on $3.50 – the cost of catching up over a coffee once a month (assuming I was only paying for mine – how rude!)… it was the only rational way I could come up with a figure! If I could afford it I’d take you both out to coffee every day (or at least twice a week in line with your podcasts!) Thanks Brooke and Ben for everything you put into Slow Your Home… and my apologies for using this space for gushing but i’m not an active social media user and this seemed to be the next appropriate place!

  2. Great podcast with Gretchen Rubin!

    After getting rid of half of our stuff and downsizing our family of 5 from 2700 sq. ft. to 1200 sq. ft., and moving from Virginia to Hawaii, I realized that while massive decluttering is a great place to start, that I needed to expand my simplifying efforts by just slowing down. As I searched for motivation, I read back through your blog and started listening to your podcasts. Thanks for inspiring others to seek a slower pace!

  3. Really appreciated this episode. I struggle with creating habits, though moving towards minimalism has helped. As I was listening to you and Gretchin talk, I assumed that I also might be an Obliger/Rebel type. Went over and took the quiz, and it turns out I’m more of a Questioner. That makes so much sense – “analysis paralysis” is the story of my life, and I always feel particularly “rebellious” when I think I’m being asked to do inefficient busy-work of any kind. I probably wouldn’t have taken Gretchen’s quiz without hearing this podcast. I had always assumed that her tips on forming habits were more of that busy-work mentality, and not for me! Thanks for helping me to keep an open (questioning) mind!

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