Meditation for beginners with Emily Cordes

Meditation for beginners with Emily Cordes - Episode 46 of The Slow Home Podcast

I’ve always thought I had a handle on meditation. If not the daily practice or the practiced way of sitting, at least I understood how to let my mind relax and not engage with the thoughts that flow – simply let them be instead.

That was until this year.

Ben and I are practicing yoga every morning at the moment, and most days we finish with a short meditation in corpse pose. This year, my ability to just be during these few minutes has just… disappeared.

Thoughts flit by and I grab on to them, and before I know it I’m thinking about my day or mentally working through an issue. And honestly, it’s kind of super frustrating.

So today’s episode comes at a golden time for me, and if you’ve ever tried meditating, only to be constantly frustrated by the thoughts incessantly drifting across your mind, today’s episode is just as much for you.

I sit down with meditation practitioner, yoga teacher and all-round delightful human, Emily Cordes, and we dive into what it actually means to meditate, how to get started, and how living mindfully has personally helped her work through periods of anxiety and depression.

We also talk about the realisation that we don’t actually have to believe the thoughts our anxious minds present – a revelation both myself and Emily have come to as a result of therapy, simplicity and mindfulness.

I realise this might sound like a heavy episode, but it’s actually a really uplifting and inspiring conversation with loads of resources and links from Emily, to help everyone try their hand at meditation.



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One Response to Meditation for beginners with Emily Cordes

  1. I’ve been meaning to start listening to your podcast for a few months now, but life always got in the way and I never got around to it, until now. Somehow this episode was exactly what I needed to hear – especially in regards to the ‘should’ mentality and incorporating what is really important to me in my life and being nice to myself instead of setting goals to try and change myself to be a ‘better’ person. I took multiple pages of notes while listening to this and I am excited to experiment and try out Emilys guided meditations and to also make my way through your past podcasts and listen to others that speak to me! Thank you for sharing.