No Sugar #3

No Sugar #3 - Episode 47 of The Slow Home Podcast

We’ve passed the halfway mark on our first Slow Home Experiment and we’re feeling pretty damn good. Of course, it does help that we’re now over the cravings and the low energy!

In this episode Ben and I talk about the different foods we’re craving and how we’re feeling – both mentally and physically. Ben’s looking so incredibly well (makes me wish we’d taken Before and After photos actually) and we’re both amazed by the energy we’ve got right now.

Ben also looks more at the habitual side of the experiment and why we’ve both managed to make these changes (relatively) easily. It turns out my recent episode with Gretchen Rubin had a big impact on him.

Admittedly, we both agree that this month has seen us take on a few too many changes all at once (which really does go against my advice of small, consistent changes as opposed to big, sweeping, occasional shifts) and that’s something we’re going to keep in mind over the coming months as we try out other Slow Home Experiments.

Have you been playing along? How are you finding the experiment so far?


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2 Responses to No Sugar #3

  1. Hi Brooke! Love your site and show. You said earlier that you were feeling a little wired at night and having trouble falling asleep. This can be a sign of adrenal fatigue that can occur when women go too low carb. Just something to watch out for. Thanks for your inspiration.

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