52 Reasons to Simplify Your Life in 2013


Embracing simplicity has changed my life.

Aside from returning Sparky’s shy smile back in 2000, saying ‘yes’ in 2006 and meeting our two babies in 2009 and 2010, it’s easily one of the best things I’ve ever done.

2011 was the year I turned to simplicity.

Now it’s your turn. 2013 is your year.

The year to embrace simplicity. The year to let go. The year to feel lightness. The year to say yes to happiness.

2013 is the year of simplicity.

52 Reasons to Simplify in 2013

For some of these reasons the benefits are immediate, while for others, the benefit will come later. And some you won’t even realise you need help with yet.

Living a simpler life in 2013 means:

1. Less physical clutter in your home.

2. Less stress from constantly battling clutter and the emotions it brings.

3. You will be less likely to overcommit yourself in daily life.

4. Less time spent cleaning.

5. More time for people you love – your kids, your partner, your parents, your friends.

6. More good conversations as you will spend less time thinking and talking about stuff.

7. Less impact on the environment.

8. Learning that gifts and love are not the same thing.

9. You will spend less money.

10. You will eat healthier, less processed foods.

11. Less dusting because you will have less knick-knacks decorating your home.

12. Less time organising your belongings.

13. Less waste – you will collect less packaging, less disposable fashion, less excess food.

14. Less likely to inadvertently support child slavery and unfair work conditions through buying cheap, disposable items.

15. You can stop being a slave to fashion trends.

16. More honesty – you will get to understand what’s truly important in life, and honesty follows swiftly.

17. You will focus less on the negative aspects of others – and yourself.

18. Improve your mindfulness as you strip away all the things that distract you.

19. Naturally focus on your health more as your self-awareness improves.

20. Eat less takeaway.

21. Feel pride in your efforts.

22. Feel lighter in yourself – emotionally and physically.

23. Accept that its OK to move forward, to change, to evolve.

24. You will have more energy.

25. You will think more clearly.

26. Feeling more content with what you have.

27. You will feel happier – or give yourself the opportunity to experience more happiness.

28. More time to pursue passions and hobbies.

29. More time for relaxation or to do nothing at all.

30. Tidier wardrobes.

31. You will be able to help those less fortunate with donations of both physical items and money.

32. Spend less time getting dressed in the mornings.

33. You will only own clothes that you like, fit well and suit your lifestyle.

34. Spend less time organising your stuff.

35. Everything you own will have it’s place – meaning it’s much easier to keep tidy.

36. You will learn to embrace quality over quantity.

37. Learning to look after what you do have.

38. Discover that the value of people and the value of their stuff is not related.

39. Watch less TV – you will cut out the mindless channel surfing.

40. You will be more likely to consider travelling.

41. You will have less luggage when you do.

42. You will be more inclined to look for adventure or the road less travelled.

43. Less time (and money) wasted shopping for things you don’t need.

44. You will pay your bills on time.

45. Your house will look more appealing because it will be less cluttered.

46. Your cleaning routine will be simpler and easier.

47. You will be less likely to find housework overwhelming.

48. You need less furniture, which gives you more space.

49. Your home and its style will reflect you, not IKEA.

50. No more dreading drop-in visitors.

51. You are giving yourself the opportunity to get out of debt.

52. You can start saving for that long-awaited holiday/house deposit/college fund.

And the best part? You’re not alone. I’m here to help.

You may remember my 2012 in 2012 Declutter Challenge from last year. Where I decluttered well over 2012 items.

Well this year, it’s on again and I’d love you to join me.

2013 is the year I’m going to help you declutter – and de-own – at least 2013 items in your home.

Regardless of where you are on your simple living journey – whether 2013 will be your first clutter-free year, or if you’ve been simplifying for some time now – there’s always room to improve.

Starting next week, I’ll be publishing a printable monthly checklist of clutter-rich places to focus on in your home, as well as tips on how to keep motivated throughout the year.

If you want to work towards that goal with us, we will be keeping track of our progress right here on the blog. That way, we can work through the Declutter Challenge together and keep each other accountable as 2013 gets underway.

Believe me when I say 2013 can be your simplest year yet – if you choose.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to you – yes you – and I hope the January 1st hangover isn’t too bad!

Much love to you and yours.

18 Responses to 52 Reasons to Simplify Your Life in 2013

  1. Happy 2013, Brooke! And great reasons.

    I’ve found that by simplifying, I have to make fewer smaller decisions during the day, which frees up mental space for making good, larger decisions, right on the spot. (I teach special ed, so I have to do a lot of that).

    Also, we all have much less anxiety, without so much stuff to manage.

  2. I’m definitely in for the challenge. My youngest is at full time school this year, and simplifying, taking care of myself, regular exercise and de-cluttering are top of the agenda. I know it will be a long process, but am so ready. I have been aware of the stuff and the emotional clutter that goes with it, but not had as much time as I have wanted to tackle it. Slowly started and looking forward to 2013 being THE year!

  3. This is an inspiring list! This is the challenge of our times. It’s all about creating space – physically, emotionally, financially, creatively.

  4. Yes! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement to find a better, more peaceful life. Best wishes to you, and your family, for a happy, healthy and joyous 2013!

  5. Yes, count me in for the challenge. 2012 I discovered minimalism and it completely resonated with everything I needed in my life; less stress, less thinking about what others think, more freedom (spiritual, material, debt and stress) yes there it is, stress again. THANK YOU for your blog. I love it. Kerin (Australia)

  6. I’m in. I’ve started clearing out my kitchen and developing systems to put things away, but regular inspiration would be great. It’s easy to declutter in January, but May? That’s tough!

  7. Simply your life. I have made a start and feel the difference already. More room in my wardrobe, items given to charity where it will aid British people who have been affected by flooding. Like Jen A who wrote in January, my next goal is to downsize my kitchen utensils thus gaining neater shelves where I can find things without rummaging around. I don’t use half the stuff anyway. Most folks are surrounded by junk they can do without. Surprisingly doing all this clears your mind too.

  8. Brooke, I just recently found out about your blog and, oh boy, do I love it. I write a blog as well devoted to simple living. You have a great way of putting into one sentence the joy you feel from living with less. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to following your blog further!


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