Yoga #2

Episode 55 of The Slow Home Podcast - Yoga #2

Until I actually practiced yoga, I thought it was all about being zen and chill and effortlessly moving through poses. HA! And while it might well be those things, this week Ben and I discover there’s a lot more to it, as we find ourselves getting angry on the mat.

Now that we’re halfway through this Slow Home Experiment, I’m starting to get just a glimpse of everything that’s involved (both physically and emotionally) in a regular yoga practice, and I have to say – it’s not as easy as I’d anticipated. Not just in a physical sense (which can be incredibly challenging) but also emotionally. Particularly as I begin to pay attention to my thoughts, patterns and coping mechanisms.

In terms of helping us explore slow living, this experiment is pretty much ideal. Ben’s spending a lot of time focusing on his breath, while I’m learning to be more aware of the tension in my body and how to intentionally let go, and both of these things are a big part of learning to slow down and be more aware in the present moment, which is serving us very well right now!

We also talk about how we’re feeling physically, and why we got so ridiculously angry in Day 9!

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3 Responses to Yoga #2

  1. So fun to hear your thoughts on yoga as a couple! What a great thing to do together! I am on day 24 of Adriene’s 30 day yoga boot camp and I love it! It is changing so many other aspects of my life. I keep trying to get my family on board, but for now I will keep on! Thank you for such an amazing podcast. You both are a joy to listen to!

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