5 Simple Living Blogs that Deserve Our Attention

5 Blogs That Deserve Our Attentionq
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Last year, Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist was kind enough to list Slow Your Home as a simple living blog of note. He sent thousands of new visitors my way, and our delightful community has continued to grow significantly ever since.

Traffic numbers aren’t the reason I write about simple living. I write here because I want to help people – partly by sharing my story, errors and misjudgements – and partly by introducing a different way of living. But a larger audience does mean I can help a larger group of people, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

So in the spirit of paying it forward here is a list of my favourite (some new, some not so new) simple living blogs.

Zen Presence

Dan has a gift for simplifying complex ideas down into a few brief paragraphs, and every time I read his blog I come away inspired.

The Simple Year

Kerry Reifel recently completed her family’s simple year and has passed the torch on to Kandice, Stephen and their two kids. The blog will follow their progress through the decluttering, prioritising, decision-making and simplifying of a 12-month journey into simplicity. To see such a journey from beginning to end is a really helpful and insightful experience and I highly recommend the read.

The Fearse Family

I was incredibly excited to discover this family’s blog for two reasons. One, they’re Australian and I feel there is a lack of simple living blogs from my fellow Antipodeans, and two, they’ve just embarked on a Buy Nothing New for a Year project. The writing is funny, realistic and engaging. Definitely check it out – but be prepared to lose yourself in their archives. I know I did.

Money is Not Important

A personal finance blog for people who don’t read personal finance blogs, Money is Not Important (Until There’s Not Enough) is straight-shooting, funny, challenging and inspiring.

The Other Side of Complexity

I’m relatively new to Mike Burns’ blog, but have been blown away with the quality posts he’s producing. His writing is a beautiful combination of practical and theoretical and always introduces me to a fresh perspective. One of my must-reads each week.

Little Eco Footprints

Another fellow Australian, Tricia writes about simplifying, raising a mindful and balanced family and establishing a permaculture smallholding in a beautiful part of the country. Her writing makes me equally determined and inspired to continue down this path to simplicity and sustainability.


Tell me in the comments – do you have any favourites I’ve missed? Share with us below! 

32 Responses to 5 Simple Living Blogs that Deserve Our Attention

  1. I really enjoy your blog. The Simple year is hilarious and I’m likely to check it out regularly as well. My blog isn’t focused on minimalism but I am looking for direction and motivation for this way of life and slowly I’m finding bloggers like you to help me. Thank you.

  2. Well, you started with two good friends of mine…

    Dan says a lot, in very little space. I’ve always been inspired by his style–minimalism in its purest form. And–from knowing him–he walks the talk, more than anyone I know, myself included…a must read, for sure!

    And Kerry is so light-hearted, that she is a breath of fresh air, as far as minimalist blogs are concerned. She has just passed the torch, but I want to read from the person she has chosen, AND from her, wherever she ends up.

    Otherwise, I look forward to meeting the new people you’ve introduced. :-)


    P.S. Meeting YOU through your blog has been a privilege as well. :-)

  3. Hi Brooke,
    I’ve discovered a new (Australian) blog, by a Launceston couple who have just started living a Zero Waste year.
    Very interesting so far!

  4. Hi Brooke,

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding our blog. We’re big fans of Slow Your Home, too, so it’s extra special to be mentioned here. We had a sudden huge spike in interest today, so I knew something had to have happened. You’re not wrong about the stats. When they’re low it doesn’t stop you from writing because it’s what you love, but boy! When they’re high it’s exhilarating.

    We are so pleased to find that other’s are enjoying our writing and find it amusing. We hope we continue to entertain.

    Mama Fearse xo

  5. I am very honored to be mentioned here Brooke. I feel that Slow Your Home is the most sincere simple living blog on the Internet. I’ve been a fan of yours since I discovered this page. Thank you for the mention.


  6. Wow! Thank you for your kind words, Brooke.

    I read your stuff every week, also, and it is super helpful! I look forward to checking out your other recommendations.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  7. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing these blogs! I have a blog where I am taking 100 days and finding the simple things around the house, and figuring out how we can live with less of them. Your blog is GREAT motivation – thank you!

  8. Your so sweet! Thank you for mentioning me Brooke. The others are all new to me so I’m looking forward to checking them out :-)

  9. I have just found your blog…and love what I see. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas. I am slowly working towards slowing down.
    A favourite blog that I have been following for a few years is Down to Earth. Rhonda is an amazing woman…and a fellow Queenslander. :)

  10. I can’t stand all the clutter of tons of plastic toys all over the house. Six months ago, I bagged 5 hefty bags of toys and put them in the shed. We just accumulated tons more, again. Time for another round of decluttering…Again!

  11. Hi Brooke, I’m Brooks. Thanks for the list of websites. My favorite is Money is Not Important. I liked that it had a sense of humor about money. I’m surprised how many simple living websites there are. I just discovered yours. It’s great that you are helping people find a way of life that serves them. Simplicity is a foreign concept. I work as a clutter buster. It’s difficult at first for people to let go of their stuff because we’ve been taught that we need things to be happy. It makes us endlessly hungry for more stuff. But it never works. Thanks for helping people see a way to live that’s sane.

    Take care,

  12. Locavore Intentions is my effort to live simply, close to the ground and celebrating the fullness of what life offers … on a shoe string budget and with fully self invested passion

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  14. Well well well so much new blogs that I can take inspiration form! I’m only beginning my journey to minimalism as so but I find it fascinating and the way people co working…. I love it.

    I would be happy if you could have a look in week or two how my journey goes as I writing about it on my blog.

    Thanks again for list!

  15. A nice list and very helpful indeed. Do you also write on home decor ideas or interior designing stuff? I guess it would help you further with the blogs.. They have much relevance with families as well. Just a thought. But agin thanks for the list. Cheers. :)

  16. That’s a good list.. I liked the Title “Money is not important” and you have told the truth here ….
    Money is not important until you have enough of it. Which means it is important only till the time you are financially independent.