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Slow medicine with Dr Christine Walker - The Slow Home Podcast For someone who works online and uses social media as well as I can, I have to admit, I don’t love it. Sometimes it feels forced and other times it just feels like another item on my to-do list. BUT there are many times where it’s lead to a great connection or even friendship, so for that, I’m super grateful for the weird world of social media. One such instance happened a few weeks ago, when I asked people on Twitter what they’d like me to discuss on future episodes of the podcast. I got loads of excellent answers, as well as a message from today’s guest, suggesting I look at Slow Medicine. Turns out I didn’t have to look far, because Dr Christine Walker has a great deal to share about slow medicine. Christine is a PT with a private practice in North Carolina, and is adopting many elements of slow living to her own home and life, meaning she was the perfect person to chat with about the role Slow has when it comes to our health. We talk about her personal experience with stress, fatigue and illness and how a realisation that her frantic lifestyle was exacerbating these issues became a pivotal moment in her own journey towards a slower, more intentional way of living. We also talk about the wider issue of stress and its impact on our bodies, as well as her personal experiences with meditation and the impact it’s had on her physical and mental well-being. This conversation has some exceptional insights into modern medicine and the opportunity we have to combine the preventative benefits of mindfulness and overall health, with the incredible advances of traditional medicine over the past few decades. Enjoy!


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5 Responses to Slow medicine with Dr Christine Walker

  1. Really interesting episode. Having just been diagnosed with something I may have to take medication for the rest of my life for, & being told it was probably caused by stress this was very timely. i have to admit I got a bit of a telling off for various not great test results this time Your podcast has been a real guiding hand while I negotiate my way to changing my life! It’s nice to feel that some one is saying, very gently, you can do it if you try. Have a great trip & a safe journey home.

    • Thanks so much Mary. I’ve found just through my personal experience, that stress impacts my health in ways I’d never have considered before. Here’s to your health and wellness and taking it a little gentler with yourself. x

  2. I know this is YEARS old, but I’ve started at the beginning, and listening the whole way through.

    There were comments in this podcast today about hypocrisy…we all do it, it’s about effort and intent etc. I totally agree – if we only did things perfectly, we’d never do anything at all.

    But I find really inappropriate to put ‘trying’ in the same basket as ‘slow’ or ‘simple’ personalities who extoll one attribute in their the product they sell – like not wearing make-up – but then do the exact opposite in marketing their image. That’s not ‘trying’. That’s just plain old advertising and marketing. Slow and Simple personalities are selling their authenticity – the product needs to match the glossy image, or it’s no better than what (and who) they’re attempting to replace.

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