Journal #2

Episode 63 of The Slow Home Podcast - Journal #2

After a very, ahem, relaxed lunch, Ben and I sat down for a chat about our current Slow Home Experiment and the first couple of weeks of our Canadian holiday. We talk about bears, hiking and the beauty that is taking it slow on the road, before we get down to this month’s surprisingly challenging experiment of daily family journalling. Ben talks about the messiness factor, while I’ve been surprised by the transformation my thoughts can take simply by making time to write about our day. It’s been interesting to see how my feelings about a day can change when I take time to focus on small moments, and the kids’ experience is similar. Even if a day includes meltdowns and (multiple) rough patches, talking about something they enjoyed or a moment of fun turns things around and leaves them feeling positive about the day. So while it wasn’t designed as a gratitude exercise as such, I’m finding that this is what it’s turning out to be most days. And that’s partly because life is good and, yes, we’re on a wonderful trip, but it’s also partly because we’re taking the time to focus on those good moments and our perspective shifts as a result. Here’s the beautiful journal (straight out of Lord of the Rings) Ben bought for us. Isn’t it just gorgeous and understated? Ha!

Episode 63 of The Slow Home Podcast

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4 Responses to Journal #2

  1. We do similar at the evening meal. Sharing a little of our day allows us to feel closer. When someone’s had a tough day hearing about other’s best moments gives perspective. Its a great bookend to the day before we relax & hang out.

    I’ve journaled for years & its often messy! Scribbling moments is much better to read back than a stoic commentary. Messy is more fun :D

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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