Journal #4

Journal #4 - Episode 67 of The Slow Home Podcast So we’re moving in to the last week of this month’s Slow Home Experiment and it turns out that our journalling experience has been, shall we say, varied? In this episode Ben and I talk about the mistakes we made and the reason that Ben sees this month as a big fat fail. I don’t think of it quite so badly, but it was definitely more challenging than I expected – partly because adding a new habit while travelling was tricky, and partly because we have been in holiday mode and the journal started to feel like a “should-do” rather than a “want-to”. That said, I’m so glad for taking the time to jot down parts of every day, even if it didn’t look like the all-in family experience I’d imagined – simply because it helps me to remember moments that might otherwise be slowly faded and forgotten. Tell me though, if you’ve been doing the experiment along with us, how have you fount it so far? Was it a challenge? Or did you gain a lot from it? We also talk about next month’s experiment – daily meditation. I’ve listed some meditation apps below for those of you who want to join us, but Ben and I will be using Insight Timer for our daily practice. I’m really looking forward to this one too! Don’t forget, you can play along by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and share your experiences. Hit us up on Instagram and let’s get experimenting! Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Journal #4

  1. I wonder if Gretchen Rubin’s idea of a one-sentence journal would have felt like less of a chore. Just a thought – sorry if you already mentioned it. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the journalling episodes yet.

  2. Hey friends! An offering in case you care for it, Susan Piver (my meditation teacher) has a free ongoing weekly meditation instruction at her open heart project. She teaches for about 5 to 10ish minutes and then you sit together for 5 to 10, generally. There are other paying membership parts of the sangha but the free part is awesome as well! in case its of interest~!