Slow travel

Slow travel - Episode 68 of The Slow Home Podcast I’ve always been a keen traveller, but since adopting a slower way of life I’ve found myself wanting to explore even more and get to know places in a deeper, more local kind of way. So when I put a call out for listener travel-related questions, I was so happy to see that you guys had some great questions for us to dig in to in today’s hostful show. We answer three listener questions about:
  • the issue of over-planning
  • how to balance getting things done and enjoying the down time
  • keeping kids occupied on long-haul trips
Ben and I also talk about our attempts to pack light for this trip, why we don’t get a local SIM card when we travel and the major benefits of setting up a home base and exploring from there, as opposed to being on the move constantly. Travel is such a passion for us, so this hostful was lots of fun to record, if not a little bittersweet as it was the final day of our Canadian adventure. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Slow travel

  1. I love that how ever slow we go, there’s always enough speed for a quick barney ;)

    Great show as usual!

  2. I would love to see your packing list including items you wouldn’t pack again. We are off to Switzerland in a couple of months – hubby and I plus two kids. Hoping to take just 2 medium suitcases for the four of us!