Meditation #3

Meditation #3 - Episode 73 of The Slow Home Podcast We’re only halfway through our meditation Slow Home Experiment and I’m calling it: this one is a life-changer. I know that last week I mentioned how challenging I was finding the experiment, and how I felt like I’d been getting worse at meditation as opposed to better. But so many of you have been in touch to explain that this is quite normal and to encourage me to work through the frustrations, that my mindset shifted a lot this week and I am now loving even the most challenging parts of the experiment. Rationally, I’ve always understood that meditation is good for us – taking time to just be, focusing on the breath, finding pockets of stillness – but practically I just never got into it. This experiment has given me an excuse to make time every day, and the benefits are already incredible. No idea if this is related or not, but my skin is clearer, I look like I’m getting more sleep, I have way more energy and my mood and patience have improved significantly. Also, our home feels peaceful in a way that it hasn’t for a long time. The kids are content, there’s not as much sniping and complaining, we’re all going to bed earlier and sleeping better… Again, this could all be coincidental or the result of a confirmation bias, but the reality is the last few weeks have been just so chill that it makes me wonder. In this episode, Ben and I talk about the past week – what we did and didn’t like, what we’ve discovered and some of the wonderful tips you guys have been sending through. I’m really, really enjoying the silent meditation using a timer and bells. In fact, I’ve been adding 5-10 minutes of it on the end of the guided meditations we’ve done this week simply because I’ve felt the need for some quiet mindfulness as opposed to the noise of a guided meditation. This week I’ll likely do more of the silent meditations and fewer of the guided and see if my experience remains the same, while Ben is keen to mix it up some more. I’d love to know how you’re finding the experiment too. Is it a positive experience? Are you finding it easier or harder than you’d anticipated? Do you prefer guided meditations or the silent ones? Let us know! Don’t forget, you can play along with us by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and sharing your experiences. Hit us up on Instagram and let’s get experimenting! Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Meditation #3

  1. It is always nice to hear about the story of another believer.

    Happy to hear how well meditation is working out for you. It can be so hard for people to engage in an activity that doesn’t necessarily involve doing anything. Keep at it and I will keep trying to do the same =p

    Hope 2 make it.

  2. I’m just catching up on the last fortnight’s pogpasts. I also find guided meditation quite difficult and am a huge fan of Sonesence meditones ( I love the music washing over me and the different tones vibrating in my ears. She has a few examples on soundcloud. Just a thought and something you might like to check out. They are my go to meditation.

  3. After 2 weeks of succesful meditation sessions, I felt like I was “regressing” too. Too many thoughts running through my head. But I realized I’ve always been “messy”.. but just now I’ve become aware of it! haha I prefer doing silent meditation. Fully aware of my breathing. Just observing the thoughts come and going. Gez, feels amazing for my body & soul!